Like B movie campy mock scifi erotica? Then check this Replicating Dildos Attack Earth story! || #SFRTG #LPRTG by @MJKingOfErotica

Dancing Dicks are Here Again
Moctezuma Johnson, his filthy mouth, dancing dick, and rock hard abs will dazzle you on the page.

Triangulum Stain by Moctezuma Johnson is a wild ride featuring the gorgeous Fuck Force Five.

Get to know each of the five latex-wearing, ass-kicking, world-saving Women in Black agents tasked with keeping Earth safe from intergalactic threats.

Meet the girls:

Fuck-Force-Five.Literary.Porn_.Erotica-Ava.BBW-TriangulumStain Fuck-Force-Five.Literary.Porn_.Erotica-Grace-MiHee-TriangulumStain Fuck-Force-Five.Literary.Porn_.Erotica-Joanna-Latina-TriangulumStain Fuck-Force-Five.Literary.Porn_.Erotica-Shayna-TriangulumStain Fuck-Force-Five.Literary.Porn_.Erotica-TABITHA-TriangulumStain
There are some other fuck force fives according to the internet (but I only count three bitches. Maybe they mean 4 tits and 1 ass facing the camera):


Learn more about the fucking sick and offensive asshole known as Moctezuma Johnson and his first full fucking season of literary porn filth:


Click the Abs to Learn More about Moctezuma Johnson


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