Pool Pussycat by Red Pesca | Interracial Erotica | White Male Asian Female | Trophy Wife

I recommend Pool Pussycat

Facefucking Wife

Pool Pussycat features dubious consent as a hot trophy wife becomes the prize when her husband loses a pool bet

Hot Interracial Trophy Wife Story.

It starts with a James Bond wannabe British Guy eyeing this dude’s wife while he get his ass kicked in pool. The winning player sets up a big scam to get all this guy’s money by betting his hot, big-breasted wife, but something changes and suddenly James Bond is potting the eight ball and entitled to have his way with the loser’s hot Asian wife. He wants a rough public facefucking with this prissy trophy wife. It doesn’t stop there. There’s MMF and rough anal, and that’s just the beginning.

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