Butterface – A Halloween Story – by Callie Press | An Excerpt | #LPRTG @CalliePress #EARTG

Butterface Halloween Story
Butterface Halloween Story

The Ending of Chapter One from BUTTERFACE by CALLIE PRESS

Late that night, Bobby Joe was lying in his bed, sweating from the sticky heat and remembering the sweltering afternoon he had just experienced. His pecker got hard thinking about how it had felt to wrestle his naked friend to the ground, how it had felt when his fat dick squished longways between his skinny, wet ass cheeks and their balls smushed together, how it felt when the tip of his big fat dick pushed inside JimBob’s tight shithole and quickly hit something even tighter inside.

How can pussy be better’n that? he wondered as he grabbed himself under his single sheet. He was coated in sweat, the mild breeze coming in his window doing nothing to cool him. Oh, that moment when his fat pecker head plopped right past that tight ring in JimBob’s ass and he slid in deep, feeling his big nutsack push up against JimBob’s little stones…

He was mistaken in thinking the warm breeze brought nothing with it but humidity.

It brought something much hotter than just the sultry night air, something much wetter than the swampy moisture that usually saturated everything in his life.

He was answered in his own mind by a voice that didn’t belong to him.

It can be better than anything your mind can imagine, Bobby Joe.

Oh what the fuck is that, he thought, although he didn’t much care. He was busy working his wide dick up and down, his back turned to the door so Maw wouldn’t walk in on him. He already busted one nut too many thinking about his own Maw to be comfortable with it, because the boys hadn’t been lying, she was still pretty finely built, in spite of premature graying. She wasn’t even close to forty yet and she did have huge titties and a nice round butt…

Oh you naughty boy, would you put that big fat hard cock into your mother? the voice said in his mind.

No, oh my Lord, he thought. No it’s just sinful thoughts, I would never…

Of course you wouldn’t, the voice said, just like you’d never fuck JimBob in his ass

And he saw

(Maw in her swim suit, fabric all soaked and ridin up inta her crack and that purty bare butt cheek all wet and shiny)

“Hey,” he said aloud—realizing this was not his own thought, but his cock firming up even more, almost as much as it could—

and then he opened his eyes and saw something in the shadows of the corner of his room, shadows made by the bright moonlight through the swaying branches and leaves outside his window, something that made him firm up totally, a flash of beautiful silver light on a round, bare little butt cheek, half an apple of perfectly formed rump flesh turned into lust itself, his Maw forgotten as he stared trying to capture the illusion again…

And then he saw the whole apple, the immaculate, heart-shaped mounds of flesh divided perfectly down the middle, the pinnacle of absolute perfection that a woman’s naked ass could be, right in his room, right in front of his eyes, thrust out intentionally for him to look at and stroke his cock to…

Oh yes but I want you to do more than stroke your cock to it…but not until you know what you’re missing, you naughty boy…you’ve gone far too long without using your wonderful manhood on a real woman…you’ll forget all about your hand and hard male asses after you’ve penetrated my perfect, soft, wet, bottomless pussy…

(a bald little mountain rising upside-down from the sky, smooth, hairless, split by delicate lips, a nub peeking out under a hood)

And after you come…and you’ve given me your wonderful seed

(a nub with teeth and lips of its own inside the lips without teeth on the upside down mons)

In my magical womb forever

(zooming in past the lips, diving into the black inky darkness in the hole, distant specks of something appearing, twinkling faintly like the dimmest of stars)

And then Bobby Joe saw more…creamy perfect thighs supporting that perfect plum of a bottom…a lovely, lean lower back above the delicious flanks…hair tickling down, long and sexy just how he liked it, silver and shimmery just like Maw’s no, dark edges, sparkling,

now dark brown just like Susie, just like JimBob, no, silvery, no, it’s

I’m changing to find your favorite oh shit It’s changing color while it brushes it’s-a changin’ color while it moves around Over the swell of my over the swell of bare naked ass them naked hams and oh hell it’s that

(lovely round cheeks bouncing and slapping together, slapping, slapping, opening and closing, closer and closer, dizzying spiral emanating from inside)

it’s that pretty yellow hair like ripe corn kernels that drives your cock crazy purty yeller hair just like Janie, oh mah Lord yes, so long and yeller and look how it brushes the curve above that bouncin’ little ass…

Just like that the ass and legs and back and hair danced slowly backwards into the light—never turning, never letting him see the front of her perfect form. Keeping his eyes drawn to her bare little heart-shaped ass, she stepped one abruptly-unnaturally-long leg over the bed, pulling his sweat-soaked sheet away from him and gripping his all-time biggest hard-on at once.

He looked down at himself and saw her long, long, blood-red nails holding his erection straight up, aimed at her

(hole full of eternity, never reaching those faint stars)

crotch oh lord she’s-a gonna put me in her pussy

He could see her beautiful, strong, soft buttocks flexed and posed over his protruding belly, and just a hint of the lower lips showed, but so exciting, so

(mountainous, obscured)

slim and tiny and slick and

(slimy, spongy, moist)


Oh Jesus I’m in it my pecker is in there, oh that’s, fuck, oh, ohhh

His hands grabbed the immaculate bottom and it felt so perfect, the powerful motion of those flanks under the velvety skin, the feeling of those muscles flexing in his palms and fingertips making his head spin like he’d snuck too much corn liquor. He was losing control already just seeing his sausage fingers dig into the milky white skin and watching her broad hips and narrow waist grind down onto him and up again in a steady, slow rhythm.

(spirals and spirals inside, twisting him in ways pussies can’t twist, the vertigo-inducing hypnosis spiral turned into muscles, juicing his head and shaft down the whole length)

His balls were tensed and ready to ejaculate within two strokes but he managed to stop himself, which he told himself he could do since he had already squirted a few times today. After another two bounces of that perfect cunt onto his throbbing penis he managed to stop himself again.

She, mercifully, paused in her riding…bringing the same leg back, the one that Bobby Joe hadn’t even realized had stretched inhumanly to straddle him, so she turned on his lap, corkscrewing his massively thick, stumpy erection inside the hole that was tighter than his fist could ever grip his own meat, and she leaned forward so that her mostly-golden hair covered her face in shadow, and he got a look at her flat, muscular belly, the delicate curve of her belly leading down to her smooth hairless pubis, her nether lips, her enormous breasts and their pink nipples that were the size and texture of fried eggs, just like what turned him on the most…

Oh them titties Jesus Gawd

And he got his hands on them, the first time in his life he had actually had bare breasts in his hands and they were perfect ones and he couldn’t help it, he whimpered like a dog who got its tail stepped on and his balls exploded and he felt all of his spunk shooting out, a blast, all at once into

the spiral

what the fuck

I’m falling there’s nothing here oh help

everything this is everything and it’s

no, no, there can’t be this much nothing it’s too much and that can’t be her face that’s


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