Photos and Milked by the Yeti Outline

Title of the Photos

“The Confessions of a Whore Series”

Tastefully Airbrushed Cunt by Callie Press

“Tits out over a rib cage”

“A nice rim job” – this shows that when it comes to sex, and formula one racing, position is everything.

“Red Light Blue Light”



Milked by the Yeti

Yes, I’ll write this piece online so you can see the slow, stupid process I am stuck with thanks to brain damage, deafness, and incessant masturbation


  1. a girl with pale milky skin and massive knockers is in a fur jacket and stockings and heels wandering the pine forests
    1. where is she? Oregon? the Himalayas? The Alps? Mount Titicaca? Oh, and why is she there?
  2. she’s exposed and scared, and cold
  3. she crawls into a cave warmth and meets the Yeti
    1. he’s massive
    2. scary
    3. and utterly irrestible:
      1. those eyes!
      2. that fur!
    4. He protects her from an intruder
      1. he sleeps with his arms around her
  4. the Yeti impregnates her. her name is Lena, not like you care
    1. The Yeti gets bored and sick of Lena once he’s impregnated her, think how a horse runs off once he jizzes in a blonde
  5. The Yeti then captures a Pakistani chick  named Radika who has massive tits
    1. The YEti sleeps with his arms around Radika
    2. Lena is incredibly jealous
    3. He impregnates Radika
    4. He gets sick of Radika
  6. He milks Lena and she thinks he has come back to her.
    1. He drinks the milk and sends her back into the wild, cold, exposed, scared, and now milked by the YETI.


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