Milked by the Yeti | I’m writing this online day by day | #EARTG #SSRTG #MrBrtg | Witness it in installments, like TV — PART II —

Yeti Terrorizes the Village

Milked by the Yeti

by Moctezuma Johnson

Yes, I’ll write this piece online so you can see the slow, stupid process I am stuck with thanks to brain damage, deafness, and incessant masturbation

Outline (of the part I have written / the rest will be published in a separate post)

    • He protects her from an intruder
      • he sleeps with his arms around her
      • the Yeti impregnates her. her name is Lena, not like you care
        • The Yeti gets bored and sick of Lena once he’s impregnated her, think how a horse runs off once he jizzes in a blonde



Installment 1 :: Installment 2

She had fallen asleep softly in the Yeti’s soft arms but she woke up to her hair being pulled and her jacket being ripped off by hooves. She opened her eyes and blinked. It was dark but she made out an animal’s furry head ramming down at her. The head was hard and pounded her skull to skull, apparently trying to knock her unconscious. It was some kind of wild goat, a Himalayan Tahr, or a Yak or something. It had horns curved backwards and Lena saw it coming to head butt her again and she rolled out of the way. She got a good look at it and saw that it had it’s member ragingly hard and was about to penetrate her sleeping or unconscious body. The fact that she was awake had enraged it. It made a nasty bleating noise and scratched its hooves into the ground. It was about to charge at her. She heard a growl and then saw an even bigger form reach up and cut the Tahr right across the shoulder. It made an awful noise and then ran out of the cave. The Yeti stood there with blood on his immense hand. He sighed and then sat down. It looked like he was going to cry. Lena walked forward to him. Her massive breasts were partially out since her jacket had been ripped. She saw down deeper into the cave. The Yeti had made a fire to keep her warm. She walked toward him cautiously. He licked the blood off of his hand and then took her hands in his and held her up. Her big tits were right in his face. He stared at them. He shook his hands, which shook her hands, which made her tits shake. He watched the tits shake in front of his face. He was pleased. He shook her hands some more and watched her ample breasts sway. He pulled her jacket off of her and then retuned to shaking her hands above her head. This time he snorted and made a coughing-like sound that must have been a Yeti-laugh. He pushed his face into her breasts. The fur of his face felt like cashmere on her tits. It was an intense, sensual pleasure like coming out of a hot bath into a terry cloth towel. She would have caressed his big furry head but he still held her hands pinned over her sexy body.

The yeti stood up while holding her hands in his. Now her nipples rubbed against his belly flesh, that’s how tall he was. She looked up at him, with wide eyes. Again she saw the ant-umbra of his eyes, with red glowing from behind the cool black gems. Her nipples were hard and his fur was like a room full of feathers tickling her gently. All her nerve endings on her breasts were engaged from nipple, to areola, to bumps. She was aroused. He sniffed in. He let go of her hands. She shook her breasts again, letting them rub against his amazing fur and skin. If she could have a breast orgasm she would have been having it now. It was pure unadulterated pleasure. She was so excited that her sex was stirring and he seemed to know. He sensed it. He kept sniffing, inhaling. He could smell her arousal!

He tugged at the short skirt and she took it off. She had been wearing a thong when entertaining the men on the mountain. The Yeti grabbed the thong in his hand and it snapped right off of her like a sling shot and landed in the fire where it promptly burned up. He made that coughing sound again.

Lena took his hand in hers and put the furry digit between her legs. He made a deep sound like mmmmnnnnnn and she started to rub her slit on his furry hand and arm. Her pussy lips rubbed against the fur. When Lena was a child she enjoyed the feeling of a towel between her legs. This 1312168_feda0f8released that childhood joy but with heavy adult realism of clitoral stimulation from the soft thing she had every touched. What sand paper was to rough this fur was too soft. It was both soft and warm. It sent rainbows into her clitoris and into her libido. She was ravenous. She looked at it.

His cock.

It could be mistaken for a human leg. It was reddish brown and thick as a wine bottle. It was erect and pointing right at her. She knew it would kill her if it entered her but also thought that because she was gushing with her liquids that it could possibly be taken inside of her.

He must have read her mind, or sensed her thinking, or smelled her hormonal shift. He spun her around as delicate as a salsa dancer with a long term partner and buried his hairy face in her delicate petals and ate her out. His nose rubbed her anus, and his hair face tickled the round inner ass cheeks of her asscheeks, the part right around the slit. His tongue, also hairier than a human’s, lapped all the way from the bottom hole to the top and the dragon shaped clit. Perhaps the female Yeti anatomy wasn’t that different because this abominable snowman knew his way around a pussy. He brought her to an ecstasy that she had only had with her wand and her daydreams, but this time the physical sensation was stronger than anything she had even imagined. He held her up by the waist. Not a little bit upright, but in midair and ate her pussy until she screamed out in joy yelling, “Yes, yeti, yes!”

After her pussy lips clenched and shook and leaked goo, she lifted her up and pushed his cock-leg into her quivering pussy. It stretched and hurt and opened and slid and bloomed around his Yeti-cock. It was the worst feeling of taking for than you can with the intense pleasure of being stuffed to the maximum. She was on the verge of orgasm and death. It was wonderful. He bounced her like a tiny bouncy ball on his tree stump cock. He growled as her pussy gloved his cock up and down. The cock was big but soft like a jelly dong. Not soft, but flexible. It wrapped into her and the fur tickled her insides. For the first time in her life, she had a non-clitoral climax. It was so intense that her pussy juiced forward. He fucked her deep as possible and grunted so loud that there was an avalanche outside on the mountain. He shuddered and released Yeti-seed up into Lena’s fully satisfied cunt. It was the best sex of her life.

She collapsed on top of him and they went back to sleep with the fire flickering in the interior of the cave. They slept. They were not alone. Something or somebody else was in the cave with them, their shadow stretched over the two sleeping bodies of Lena and the Yeti.

Installment 3 – Coming Tomorrow


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