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Milked by the Yeti

by Moctezuma Johnson

Yes, I’ll write this piece online so you can see the slow, stupid process I am stuck with thanks to brain damage, deafness, and incessant masturbation


fun fact: this installment contains a little bit of what i call “twerking the yeti”



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This girl in the sari grabbed Lena by the throat and started to choke her. Yesterday a Tahr tried to rape her, today an Indian ghost was trying to murder her. The tighter the grip on Lena’s throat the more Lena realized for certain that this wasn’t a goat or a ghost. Lena was fully awake, surging with adrenaline, and realized the girl was going to kill her out of fear. Lena couldn’t die like this. She needed to talk, to tell her that she wasn’t some Queen of the Yetis but a victim. Lena tried to speak but the woman had her overpowered until a furry white arm struck the woman and knocked her back. The woman started yelling in a language that Lena couldn’t understand. The Yeti growled and jumped up. Lena fell back as the hairy beast lurched forward and grabbed the Indian woman. Lena braced herself for a gnarly site. Yesterday, the Yeti slashed that goat when he tried to rape Lena. He’d surely rip this woman limb to limb since she was going to murder Lena. Murder was far worse than rape.

The Yeti pinned the woman’s arms up.She dropped the knife. Lena grimaced, waiting for blood to start flying again.

The Yeti stopped. He stared at this woman, she was trembling with fear and trying her best to turn away. The Yeti rubbed his head against the hips of this exotic woman. He wasn’t angry. He was horny. It was just like a man to wake up horny. This voluptuous subcontinent vixen let him rub her body. She was from a place where women were set on fire for burning dinner. She knew how to assuage a male ego. She did a sort of booty shake for the yeti, it was more of a fluid belly dance move than a twerk, and he fell right into it. His face moved with the wave of her booty dance.

The Yeti watched a little and then yanked the woman’s sari off. He spun her around and pushed her back. Her big ass was out. The Yeti began eating her ass out.

Lena was horrified.

She could see that his furry tongue was all over her big asshole. He licked up and down the crack, licked the pussy lips, and then really worked on the asshole until this Hindi music-video star was writhing in bliss and moaning in the high pitch bitch of a male-female Bollywood duet.

Lena’s eyes bulged over her head. She felt a deep sickness in her stomach. She wanted to barf. She bent over and coughed and wretched. She didn’t throw up, but she was really close.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Lena stood up. She couldn’t cover herself up although she wanted to. She walked right up to the Yeti and his new Indian sex-toy and started reprimanding him. “You can’t just fuck me and then play with this little bitch.” He kept eating between the two brown orbs of ass cheek. “You hear me?”

The Yeti growled and flicked Lena away with a simple flick of his hairy wrist. She flew back and onto her naked ass. It was cold.

She started to stand back up but the yeti turned to her and growled fiercely and she froze and decided not to move.

Once again she was just the big-tit plaything. The warm up for something else. This time she had to watch as the Yeti held her in front of him and fucked her from behind while she sat down on him. The woman stared at Lena with a wry smile as the yeti fucked her pussy. She stared like she new she was the main attraction. 1293679_af930a0_770x2000

Lena sat absolutely still, trying to hold in the tears and the convulsions that crying wanted to send through her body. The Yeti moaned load and deep, it was the moan of orgasm and shot his seed into this woman.

He leaned forward and this woman smashed her head on the hard icy ground. Blood trickled from her forehead. Lena stared at the poor woman in horror. Her eyes went frozen. She was gone. “You killed her, you stupid Yeti!” She cradled her own arms and cried. She was jealous, she was scared, she was mad. “What did you kill her for? You already fucked her? If you were going to kill her you were supposed to kill her before you fucked her, you asshole? Now you’ve broken our bond and murdered. That’s very bad.”

Lena was hysterical. She wasn’t making much sense to herself. She felt like she might explode. The Yeti came forward and stood in front of her. His massive white cock dangled in front of her. For a moment, Lena thought he would choke her to death with it, then she realized that he wanted to play with her tits. The feeling of his furry paws was amazing. It was smooth as silk and cozy as cashmere. The pleasure went from pure bliss to a kind of uncomfortable feeling as it escalated from gentle rubbing to nipple-squeezing and pulling. “Ouch,” Lena said. “Are you going to murder me, too?” she asked the Yeti flirtatiously.

He pulled at her like a farmer would pull at a cow’s teats and Lena realized that he wasn’t pleasuring her. He was priming her. In a moment, he rolled his fingers against the nipples in such a way that milk poured out of them. He sucked the milk right from the nipples. He sucked. He drank. He gulped. He milked some more. He drank some more. He did this until her nipples were sore as an ass after first-anal.

The Yeti was satisfied with a belly full of milk.

Lena was exhausted and wanted to sleep again. She had just been choked by a woman. Then she had been cheated on and milked by the Yeti. She leaned against his strong torso. The antumbra of his eyes seemed redder than before.

The Yeti put his arms around her. She was happy again. Maybe she was lost in a snowy mountain in Nepal. Maybe humanity had failed her, but at least she had somebody. Well, something. The Yeti held her in his arms. She may mean nothing to the human race but she was the main act in the play named Yeti. He picked her up in the air. She was like a doll to him. She was his toy. He lifted her out of the cave.

Were they going for a walk? Was he about to introduce her to his friends? his parents? 

Her heart raced as she thumped over his strong shoulder. He carried her to the edge of the stand of trees outside the mouth of the cave. He threw her to the ground. Snow kicked up and she made a butt-angel in the thick white powder. She giggled.

The Yeti kicked her so hard that it nearly shattered her ribs and sent her rolling down the steep side of the mountain. As she rolled and slid down the steep slope she saw him disappear back into the cave, then saw the trees get smaller as she rolled away, until finally she couldn’t find the trees anymore in her teary eyes and couldn’t be sure there even were trees, a cave, a dead Bollywood actress, and a Yeti. All she could be sure of was that she was buck naked and milk-icicles had formed off of her nipples. She was nobody’s main act.

She would freeze to death. She had had enough. She broke off one of the milk-icicles from her tits and ate one. It tasted horrible.

Lena closed her eyes to die. She heard the raging wind close around her. It would all be over soon.

“Come on. Let’s go.” Lena heard a thick Russian accent speaking in English. It was a familiar voice, a voice that sent Lena’s heart fluttering with Joy.

“Natasha!” she tried to scream but she was barely mumbling since she was on the verge of death.

“It’s too cold out here to be naked, you whore!” Natasha said covering Lena in a thick blanket and planting a long, loud kiss on her frozen cheek.

Lena opened her eyes and saw her best friend in front of her. A truck rumbled meekly a few meters away. Vlad was in the driver’s seat. He beeped the horn. “Let’s go, gorgeous!” he yelled at both of them, “Before any abominable snowmen come.”


Moctezuma Johnson writes fucked up stories about fucked up characters with various sexual fetishes, hang-ups, obsessions, and addictions. Read more about him at

If you enjoyed this, please leave a comment or email him and let him know at moctezuma.johnson(at)



OUTLINE used for this installment:

  1. The Yeti then captures a Pakistani chick named Radika who has a massive booty
    1. The YEti sleeps with his arms around Radika
    2. Lena is incredibly jealous
    3. He impregnates Radika
    4. He gets sick of Radika and kills her (whether intentional or not can be neither confirmed not denied)
  2. He milks Lena and she is happy that he has come back to her
    1. She wants to be the main act in somebody’s show
    2. He drinks Lena’s titty-milk and we have a happy ending
      1. Until he tosses her back into the wild, cold, exposed, scared, and now milked by the YETI.
      2. Lena gets a final surprise shock

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