The Smutpunk Manifesto by Moctezuma Johnson | #LPRTG #Erotica #SMUTPUNK


All of these are true except for those which are lies. This is a work in progress.

Smutpunk is the gang

And cool

Smutpunk is Punk and S

but it’s not

it’s S and Punk

Smutpunk is knuptums

That is nut spunk

That is yum tums

That is smutpunk will settle your stomach, cure your plantar fasciitis, and get you cheap dental

that is tum yums

DNA serpents coalescing into an RNA feather

Smutpunk like an Aztec god

It’s romance but fucks sentimentality up the ass

Smutpunk is ass, hole, and liver

Smutpunk is pate and leather with picked carrots and spicy chiliesWinking at you

Smutpunk is served on French bread

Europeans drizzle olive oil on smutpunk

Extra virgin, of course

Smutpunk says fuck yeah

I’ll break your pelvis

Smutpunk days aren’t sorry after you jerked it so hard you flipped off the bed

Smutpunk gets speeding tickets, gambles on pool, spends nights in jail, and smokes weed for breakfast while wearing robes and smelling of cheap lube

Smutpunk has been US president but was immediately impeached and gangraped by the opposition

Smutpunk panty-bombs kangaroo courts, wears masks, and converts bullets into jewelry

Smutpunk is right now in your underwear drawer stealing all your panties

singing, “Make my Punk the S-punk, I want my spunk untouched!”


Smutpunk is here: Smutpunk Moctezuma Johnson

Smutpunk is also available here: Smutpunk Callie Press


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