Building Passion 1 Finding Love | Excerpt from the Ardent Rose (mirror)

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51mDOPs3tLL._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_Late one afternoon things had pretty well been wrapped up for the day, when my inbox beeped, “Lanie, could you come into my office?” Nothing unusual about that, after all I am his assistant.

“I’ll be right in, Peter.” I replied.

When I opened the door something was different. “Please lock the door.” Peter says quietly. My heart begins to race, I feel breathless. The first thing I noticed was the lighting is dim,

“Peter, are you feeling all right? Headache? Is there anything I can do?” I ask becoming concerned.

Peter is sitting behind his desk watching me like a predator tracking his prey. “No Baby, no headache. Nothing is wrong, at all!” He smiles at me, his dark eyes glisten with desire. From the moment he spoke my ‘name’ my body reacted instantly. The top of his desk has been cleared.  

Peter’s eyes never break my gaze. Loosening his tie and unbuttoning the top few buttons, exposing his chest. I begin to understand the electric current sizzling in this room. The magnetism is pulling me closer to him.

Swallowing hard my mouth watering at the thought of tasting his skin again. I part my lips trying to calm my breathing.

He extends his hand to me, “Come here Lanie Baby. I want to hold you.”

Walking around to the side of the desk I stop and look at him. His dark hair tousled. Just waiting for me to run my fingers through it. I fist my hands to stop myself.

He squeezes my hand so warm in his. Our fingers twine together. He pulls me toward him. Peter’s body is lean and hard waiting for me.

I kick off my shoes and curl up into his lap.  I cover his neck with soft kisses. My nose is buried in his chest inhaling his scent. His strong arms wrapped lovingly around me. He gently kisses my forehead. “I have missed you My Peter.”

Strong fingers tilt my chin up to take my lips. Softly at first, playful kisses, from side to side even the tip of my nose. He nips at my lip, teases me with his tongue.  Hungry kisses follow with long strokes of his tongue against mine. I moan into his mouth. “You taste so damn good.”

I must have his hands on my skin. I start unbuttoning my shirt. I am greeted with grateful kisses on my neck. Now, clad in black lace his fingers skirt across the cups toying with the lace.

“This is beautiful Baby. I love you in lace. “Peter’s voice thick with lust. Pushing the cups down releasing my breasts from their trappings. He buries his head between the mounds. Kissing and biting his way to each nipple. Sucking them into his mouth, with deep pulls. Sending shivers through me straight to my core. He rolls his tongue against the nipple causing me to push into his mouth. I cup his neck and pull him into me wanting more.

My hips grind against his swelling cock, Peter groans and says to me “I’ve wanted to put you on top of my desk for so long. I want to taste you, Baby Mine.”

Standing before him, he slides his hands up my skirt. Caressing the lace of my panties, Peter lightly kisses my tummy, “It drives me insane knowing what lies beneath your clothes every day. I want you so much.”  Then an all too familiar sound of ripping lace is heard. I gasp, not in horror but pure pleasure. That’s two!  I unzip my skirt, shimmy it down. I perch myself on the edge of his desk, and spread my legs wide.  Now it’s his turn to gasp. I see him adjust his zipper and hear the squeak of his chair. “Damn baby, beautiful pink pussy”

Leaning back on my elbows, Peter’s eyes gleam like a kid in the candy store who just spotted his favorite treat. He rubs his finger down the middle of my plump pink lips. “So ready for me already Baby Mine?”

Drawing in a breath. His touch sweeps through me. I’m on fire!  Sucking his fingers, so sexy. “So sweet, let’s see how good it really is.” Seizing my ankles he puts my feet upon his shoulders.

His head bobs nibbling his way down my thighs. Lush ticklish delicious kisses moving closer to the sweet wetness aching with need. He performs long tongue strokes up and down the outside lips. His fingers join spreading my lips apart. Flicking his tongue against my clit. He pulls it into his mouth. His teeth lightly graze against it. Elicits a near scream from me the pleasure rising inside me.

His tongue continues lapping at the liquid center. Suddenly, his fingers pinch my clit, his tongue inside me moving in and out. I cannot be still any longer. Moans and cries echo in the room. His hand reach up for my breasts pinching my nipples hard.

My hands are forcing him closer to me. My hips grinding against his scruffy chin.  The pressure building inside of me I can’t hold on, breathlessly “oh god Peter, I’m going to cum baby”.

His only reply was a murmur against my swollen lips as a soaking sweetness dampens his tongue. Spasm of release squeeze his tongue. Rolling through my orgasm my thighs clamped against his head. Without warning his whole mouth encapsulates my pussy sucking in every drop.

Relentlessly, he continues to plunder me with his tongue. He pushes my knees apart with his shoulders spreading me wider. She begins the process again and again alternating biting and sucking my clit. My hips rising and falling writhing in sheer bliss.

I am panting deliriously aroused, Peter drops my legs to the side. He stands up looking down at me. I see his chin shiny wet with my juices. His eyes meet mine” You are so fucking incredible” he growls.

The clinking sound of his belt drops against the desk. The zipping sound is music to my ears. He strokes his cock, hard and twitching. He is watching my chest heave trying to regain my composure. He teases me rubbing the head of his aching cock up and down my wetness. My knees are folded over his arms. I bite my lip when he plunges deep inside of me. Instantly my muscles latch onto his hardness, hugging holding “God you feel good Peter”. It’s about fucking time!

He begins to move his hips deliberately thrusting hard strokes into my soaking wet swollen body. Peter leans down to kiss me, coaxing his tongue into my mouth. My decadent sweetness still on his lips, sucking his tongue and his bottom lip. He simpers at me tasting myself on him.

His cock begins to swell inside of me. He begins pounding faster, harder, deeper, looking into his eyes. He groans and my words send him over the edge. “Cum for me, oh god yes, cum for me my Peter”.

I can feel Peter’s knees lock. His strong hands grasp my hips holding us together taking the last stilling thrust. Our hearts beating furiously. Peter throws his head back on a scream and explodes deep inside me filling me with his creamy seed.

Peter drops my legs to his sides, lays his head against my breast, still inside of me. We are waiting for our hearts to still and breathing to slow. I hold him against me, hard to soft, cradling him, kissing the top of his head.

After five minutes or fifty minutes I don’t know or care, he raises up to kiss me once more. “Promise me we will never wait so long again.”

By The Ardent Rose on Twitter @RoseArdent

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