Methyl Cellulose and Lotion Play

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Methyl Cellulose, Sodium Polyacrylate…And Japanese Girls?

Methyl Cellulose - The Magic Formula Behind Japanese Goo Porn?

“Japanese Goo Porn” or “Lotion Play” (Japanese: ローションプレイ) is a type of porn originating from Japan that involves a whole ton of clear lubricant being poured on 1, 2, 3, or a whole truck load of Japanese porn stars while they do the nasty.

For years the chemical properties behind the curious clear “slime” have been a mystery. Even Japanese porn sites refer to the strange gooey substance simply as “lotion” (ローション) leaving a knowledge hungry world of international porn lovers craving the recipe.

“Just what the hell IS that stuff anyway?” is usually one of the first questions porn viewers ask when watching Japanese goo porn, “gookkake” or “gluekkake” as it’s called by western audiences.

The good news is there’s an answer.

The bad news is there’s more than one.

Basically, it hasn’t been confirmed what the exact chemical properties of the substance are BUT there are a few chemicals that have been known to produce the same effects of the gooey substance and some that have even been used in famous American films (not porn).

This leads many to believe that there isn’t just ONE kind of Japanese porn slime out there. Japan is a free market economy, after all, so if something is in enough demand by someone, including porn companies (one of the biggest businesses in Japan), then you better believe there will be competing manufacturers to sell it.

So let’s get down to business. The main ingredient in Japanese porn slime is methyl cellulose mixed with water. Sodium polyacrylate is another secondary ingredient although this is more associated with the creamy look in some J-porn slime videos, more of an “artificial semen” special effect if anything. Methyl cellulose mixed with water produces the clear slimy stuff that is more common in J-porn. You probably have seen this stuff used in Hollywood blockbusters before and never even realised it. Movies likeGhostbusters and Aliens used this stuff to create “ooze” effects.

Japanese Porn Goo Had Uses Before Japanese Goo Porn

Another product called “J-lube” has quickly become popular but some argue that the consistency is a “bit off” leading to believe that it is not one of the key ingredients but, instead, a substitute.

Now, the closest home-grown version of this stuff is a formula pioneered by a blogger named slimedude. His formula and more information on this stuff can be found HERE.

If you are too lazy to click and read here is the recipe:

2 cups of warm water
2 teaspoons “Monster Maker” methylcellulose powder
1 tablespoon of J-Lube

The methylcellulose should be first mixed with the warm water. It should then be left to cool for 30 min to 1 hour, stirring occasionally. Once you are ready to use the goo, you can then whisk in the J-Lube. You can mix in the J-Lube beforehand, but the J-Lube contains sugars which can harbor bacteria. This might be solved, though, by simply boiling the goo. But you may not want to do that since this goo retains heat for a long time. (courtesy of

And now, what you are REALLY here for:

2 Full Hours Of Japanese Slime Porn 😀 😀 😀 (courtesy of

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