Indie Writer Issues: Have the long winded titles gone out of control?

Indie Writer Issues

Imagine the Classics: Lolita (Old Man Young Vixen Daddy Age Play Series) or Hamlet (DubCon Paranormal 15th Century Crime Thriller Mystery Royalty & Aristocrats), Star Wars (Metaphysical and Visionary Galactic Empire Space Marine Clones Incestuous Paranormal Space Soap Opera Series). So everybody is trying to get on the algorithms good-sides with a magical dose of creative keyword use. Now we have categories upon categories with subcategories inside categories. Frankly, it’s become a mess. If you like muck than you’re in heaven searching for a book on amazon. If you don’t like mess you type in your favorite keywords and you’re on with it. But as an independent writer is that the best way to go about it? Probably not. The trick is really to hone your book down to the most narrow of narrowest subcategories and hope you rise to the top of that subcategory or subgenre and rank high for it. A high rank gets you sales and lots of them, so even a surge will get your book into readers kindles so as messy as it is be sure to take those 7 little keyword spots very seriously. 


Consult the Amazon Category List to see which Keywords will land you in which Categories.


About ME:

Call me MJ! I’m a smutpunk writer of very meager yet surprisingly steady success. My readers are amazing and very loyal, as am I. I try to help new writers out. Why should new writers muck around for years like I did. Learn from my mistakes and be better than MJ.

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