Why the Electoral College should go to Moctezuma Johnson

Now obviously those Electoral Delegates appointed to vote on Dec. 19th really have their hands full as voting for Trump is essentially voting for Russian Hacker-Generated U.S. Voting Fraud but many don’t want a bleeding woman to be in office, definitely not a liberal woman so take my mangina and stick it conservatively into that white house bed. Let’s go CC. It was chocolate city. I’ll make it caramel city. 

Here are 8 Reasons why Moctezuma Johnson should get the vote.

  1. I’ve been around the world and I aye aye / And we been playa hated
  2. No small hands. In fact, thick, albeit a little hairy, cock (yick, nasty, man!). Not at all! My cock is wonderful. Tasty. Watch how high it can jump!
  3. America wants change, you say. I’ll bring the mothafucking change, fuckers. I am change to the 10th google. Plus, we’ve had one goddamn asshole Catholic and a bunch of old boys club Christian pricks. Wouldn’t it be great for the first non-Christian president to be an open-minded erotica writing firepower-on-tongue futa-licking Mayan? Fuck yeah, it would. Say it’s so! Say it’s so!
  4. Yo, cause science. Science be good. Global warming is bad. Well not for the universe, but bad for any human beings who would like to continue their pitiful little lives here on Earth. Don’t think a species can be wiped out? See DINOSAURS. Evolution? Yep. It exists. And one more thing, going ass to pussy just isn’t hygienic. So recognize.
  5. Cause 90 percent of the population is fucking stupid. Yep. That’s right. In fact, probability says in all likely hood, you’re dumb. And probably a little ugly on the side.
  6. Cause I fucked your mother, twice. Once in each hole. No mixing. See number four.
  7. Cause, since we are dumb all over, I’ll have bots and algorithms do everything. Trump wants to run the country like a bankrupt business yet I want to run it like Google. I mean, seriously, what’s fucking cooler a Trump or a Google. Can you imagine a trump in your google? Please.
  8. (and the main reason I want your vote on Dec. 19th is Free erotica downloads for everyone, especially world leaders.


“Merrily we must choppeth them up!”


FUN FACT: If we put smutpunk in the Brown House I promise to make a sensible cabinet. Shelby Kent-Stewart, my first pick, will be Secretary of Education. Mr. Reed James, Secretary of Health and Human Services. R.B. O’brien, Secretary of Fine Arts. Somebody told me we got California! Gainin’ on ya! Can’t you feel my breath? All up and down your neck! hehe Zak Hardacre, Secretary of the Interior (yikes!), Ashlee Shades, Facebook-Postmistress General…We just got Illinois! Kat Crimson, the Attorney General. Genevieve Greene, Secretary of State and Miss Callie Press, the First Lady! Gainin’ on ya! We just got New York, I’m told. We are movin’ in around ya! 

About MJ and the HIStory of smutPUNK

He’s dumb all over, and maybe even a little ugly on the side. That may or may not be true, you’ll have to ask his wife or God. God think’s he awesomer than Quetzalcoatl when he jumped into the fire. So there’s that. Click the link and see about THE MJ. He just cannot be summarized here anymore than a snowflake can to a clown fish.

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