Wide Open Eyes are right around the corner!


This was a PROMO for Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired and the Tentacle Scene

This PIN was removed from PINnoINTEREST today with no explanation as to why. I see tits and ass all over other people’s shit. I guess tentacles are too much. Maybe it’s the color red that’s obscene. I never know where people, especially Judeo-Christians draw their imaginary lines in the sky. In fact, in honor of my “otherness” I’m going to blow your fucking minds with some insight into how we do things over here. Stay tuned for a trip behind the mirror. Get ready, smutpunks. Wide Open Eyes are right around the corner.

Looks like Pinterest got bit by the hypocrisy mosquito rampant among judeo-christians, so I’m going to simply add each removed pin to this post as I have a feeling it will grow and grow in the coming weeks. I know my fans love this kind of work, so I aim to provide. Thanks everyone for being cool. The world may be bat shit crazy, but at least we have each other!


As you can see, this one is in really bad taste! ^,^

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