Do you wear a bra or go free? 

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  1. Recently, I was shopping for new bras. I decided, due to the Ill fit of my last several, I should be fitted. My last fitting resulted in a less than A-cup and ruined me.
    Until that fateful day.
    We enter the fitting room. I take directions. Well. (*eyebrows waggle*) After measures and meandering hands, I am informed I have been wearing the wrong cup size. Well, that explains why my mammae were falling out the bottom of my cups. Wait, what? That makes abso No sense!
    Apparently, this was true. I proceeded to try on 5 varieties of Over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders.
    Lace, smooth, padded, under wire and not.
    One hour, two bras and $286 later, I emerge Victorious! For over 35 years I have been wearing bra cups that were too small! I am now the Proud owner of a new set of DDDD’s!
    What the Hell, has ever heard of 4D’s?
    In answer to your inquiry, I selected a padded underwire. Imagine the HELL out of that!
    My BFF and Husband concur. I now look 4 inches taller!


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