My Banker | another reason i fly business class | #milehighclub #whorebank #LPRTG #smutpunk #

i love how bitches fawn over
the guys
up there
high over the clouds
coasting at five hundred miles per hour
with whisky in little bottles

it’s like picking up the teller
who handles my business accounts;
she knows i have money
shiny suits, knows
i’ve got a trendy bar
with girls all around me
knows i’ve sweet-talked
the tax office
persuaded immigration
seduced the municipal clerks
and wants to kneel
and imbibe my creamy charm
that ubiquitous awesome sauce

she had her hat askew
smiled syrupy sweet
drank over ten sicilian kisses
of southern comfort and butterscotch schnapps
before pulling her tits out

“do you want to make a deposit?”
“I do. I have a load of cash.”

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