a dance of stuffed mouths and left earrings


you were like a vacuum
on my cock,
something else, err,
maybe sucking other cocks made you better
my house is an
earring factory.
did you deep-throat the guy from the club too?
horny anal slut takes a big load, says youjizz.com
do you even remember his cock, you big
face whore? asks slutload.com
tits like somebody put a few
extra puffs of helium
like they overstuffed the zeppelin
pumped too much air into the tires
like they stuffed tomatoes with chili peppers.
you suck deep, very deep
i feel your nipples flower
as you gag–those little pores open
i cream down your throat,
make you massage my sleeping leg,
then sleep some more.
you get ready for work
leave your earrings on the bathroom
counter. this place is
a grave to cheap watches, combs, and earrings:
now your dress is draped over my chair.
i hate having stuff all over
but you’re very good at sucking
so it’s worth it.
i’ll stuff your mouth again
you’ll leave your earrings again

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