Ride Her Like a Camel #EARTG #LPRTG #CamelRiding

Ride Her Like a Camel – Why not? She’s there

For years I’ve wanted to ride a girl like she was a horse or a donkey or a camel. I’ve wanted to get on her ass and back and straddle her while she obediently waits on her hands and knees. I’ve wanted to smack her ass and have her walk me around the room. I’ve wanted to pull her hair to make her turn right and left. For some reason the perfect set of circumstances never came up and this dream was merely a dream. Yesterday, it all added up with Cassia: she was there and I was still drunk from the previous night’s debauchery. I threw her on the ground, got on her, and rode her across her room before falling off laughing.

Ever since she let me fuck her up the ass, she is obedient and all mine. Riding her like a camel wasn’t exactly sexual. It was sensual and fun! I suggest your try it.

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About Moctezuma Johnson:

He’s known as King SMUTPUNK and is the founder or co-founder of the smutpunk erotic revolution. Sick of billionaires and bimbos with surgically enhanced bodies? Want real people doing real things like riding each other around the room like camels? Then follow Moctezuma and the SMUPTUNK Crew. Big things are happening. This is just the beginning.

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