Using the Gold Digger (the Remix)

this pig is a slut
who takes cock in the butt
she’s a filthy cum bucket
with a big fat ass, “suck it!”
i say when i feed her fat dick
tickle her with my whip
the slut sucks deep
gags and chokes til’ she weeps
the slut fucks for boots,
like all good prostitutes
and blouses and cars
you’ll see in her memoirs
the slut’s fat thighs jiggle
like bellies during a giggle
like a drum paradiddle
slapped with hammer and sickle
the slut’s eyes go wide
as the whip tans her hide
when cock chokes her down
furrowed brow says no sir frown
but she needs more money
so i say, “Keep sucking, honey!”
she becomes a cum pig
From the nearest guy’s thumping
with a nice car and a suit
they broker their common pursuit:
dress her up in the cutest sailor suit, to boot,
they make her forbidden fruit ill repute.

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