Moctezuma Johnson Cover Compared to Robert Crumb from Zap Comix

Wess Robert Crumb Comment SmallWow, flattery will get you everywhere. I’m pasting a snippet from the Nu Romantics Facebook post about my new book coming out 22 May 2017. Somebody made a wonderful comparison between my cover and Robert Crumb. I will include the cover to my book below and a piece of ‘art’ that Renata sent me that sums up my work and my character pretty well. Enjoy! In all seriousness being compared to “upbeat LSD-inspired countercultural work” is quite a compliment for any smutpunk. Thank you, Wess. You made my day.


One of My Smutpunk Book Covers – Learn More


Sent to me by Renata trying to tell me more about myself.

Some Incredible Artwork from Robert Crumb

Thanks for Reading the SMUTPUNK:

Please keep in mind The Adventures of Sarchasmo V. Mr. Whiteprick and the good ol’ Romantics comes out 22 May 2017. Get your copy soon while still only $0.99

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