Smutpunk Deconstructed Poem by Moctezuma Johnson

on the floor moments ago in floral skirt
as she walked featuring billionaires, transgender romance,
and other uniformed characters acting out their incredible pulp stories.
expertly Enter the Raffle for a chance
to win a Japanese Love Doll
who comes to life when sprinkled with smutpunk
or amazon rank
multi-platform bestsmeller, the stinkiest of all ass
Kindle, Amazon Gift Cards, and a Smutpunk
Shopping Spree include her high-heels

now she’s my skunk, err, I stutter, mouth full of rum
i mean slut, mouthful of cum
relishes the girth
gags and chokes? she asked

who takes my 
the slut’s fat tinge of doubt squeezed with push up bra

bouncing kneel bucket usherette slut fucks for boots,
blouses, and credit card help

butt-big co-paypig like American Health Insurance Cam Porn don’t renege
with a big fat ass this is my slut, that is my hat
with a big fat mass this is my butt, that is my cat
with a pig cat lass Miss jizz my butt, black jizz my tat

my slut wears a hat and my dick goes bald
dressed as a meerkat
crazy kind of jiggle jungle cosplay
she’s a filthy cougar no raven no her tyrannosauruses jiggle
when you slap them
the slut’s eyes go wide
when cock chokes her

the slut purrs when she gets passed around
to the cosplay crew while in a blindfold
who knew? Romance went Nu not old, or cold, nor bold.

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