Week 2 – ‘Snap, Crackle, Art’ by MJ #LPRTG #NuRomantics #PopArt

Welcome to this Tuesday’s ‘Snap, Crackle, Art by MJ’. This week’s topic: LIPS
What do lips mean? What do they represent? Why does R.B. O’Brien and many other #romance authors use lips for their avatars? Who has the prettiest lips among your book boy- or girl-friends? If you had to lose one lip for a year, would you choose the upper or lower lip? Do you favor biting the lips during kissing? If so, which lips? If you shun lip-biting, why? (Discuss)

So I was going to post about Andy Warhol. I mean, what’s a discussion about Pop Art without mentioning the factory and its King? However, what’s the rush? Two weeks down and not a drop of Warhol. We will get to him later. Most of us are writing romance/erotica/futadelic so I thought it’s apropos to tie this week’s post into something more sensual, but it’s hard to find pop art anus so I went with lips and Andy can wait and our lips can smack and smooch all day long. Yum!

So you’ll see in the images a furniture set by Dali and some Pop Art succulent lip licking. Mmmmnn-mmmmnnn-yum! Click Like/Love/Pride/Haha if you vibe with any piece of art, please.

MJ, what’s wrong with you? Everyone knows Dali isn’t Pop Art, you ding-dong!

Now, Salvador Dali was not from the Pop Art school, he was associated with Surrealism, Expressionism, Dada, Post-Impressionism, and usually pretty uniquely his own thing, but he did become an absolute superstar so I think his ‘Mae West’s Lips Sofa’ set are worth having a look at whether Pop Art or not (I mean, this post is more for pleasure than accuracy, just like a good money shot. I mean who really wants to hit the mouth even though we pretend to aim there?). Also, there’s a tie-in (Stay Tuned). Clearly, Mae West has some pretty great lips. Who do you think has an awesome pair? I really want to know whose lips you admire so post images below if you can dig them up–men, women, or transgender. I have a few photos that I will post in the comments, too. And if you want to see a whole slew of sexy pop art lips, join me on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/MJKingOfErotica/lips/

The Tie-In:
Okay, so what tasty connection does Dali have to Pop Art that ties lips to Dali and makes this post have a slight albeit highly-frayed thread of logic? Well you’re going to have to answer that one for yourself, superstar! In case you don’t already know the answer here’s a question to help guide you:

🍭Question 🍭
What iconic pop art candy wrapper did Dali design?

➡️Want to learn more about Pop Art? Great. I love archiving everything. I feel it’s a good writer’s duty to do so. Visit my ‘Pop Art’ blog page to get way more information: http://www.moctezumajohnson.com/snap-crackle-art-by-mj/

#PopArt #Dali #MaeWest #ChupaChups #Lips #SexyLips

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