This page is managed by Erotica Writer Moctezuma Johnson – King of Literary Erotica, the previously banned writer. You can find his Literary Porn Bookshelf featuring all kinds of hardcore books from scifi to poems to thrillers.

This site sifts through some porn and gives you links to it as well as gives you links to new erotica by Moctezuma Johnson, you can call him MoJo, and other writers in the Smutpunk Erotica Category, encompassing from Monster Erotica to Fantasy.

Dancing Dicks are Here Again

Moctezuma Johnson, his filthy mouth, dancing dick, and rock hard abs will dazzle you on the page.

Other Cumtributers, Strippers, and Posters:

Callie Press, author


Follow this lyrical writer who can write sentences longer than Gogol. She has an ear for dialogue like Shakespeare and a dirty mouth as perfect for Giving Good Head or explaining how to do it. If you haven’t traveled her well-documented wormholes, start now.


Red Pesca, author


This dirty, old man writes about submissive women and alpha men. Fuck PC when you’re between the pages of this old dirty bastard.


Emme Hor, author


The sweetest angelic flower and the dirtiest Hor on Earth. See the bipolar mood swings of a chick with balls of steel and tongue of dragon’s fire. He’s an Asian switch. Careful with that ax, Emme. Read her twitter profile to hear it in her own words, to which I cannot do justice.

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