Cosmic Big Cock Deepthroat

This is not Poetry 

What are these things they’re calling Poems?

Are they show and tell at middle school?

Are they gift cards for grandma?

The FB likers seem to think so

Beautiful words

I love it

Inarticulate Comments

To arhythmic musings

Like a heart with a murmur

Or a jazz musician in Bach’s 

Chamber music orchestra 

Making the conductor shake his left baton furiously, no, you can’t do that

Yet the crowd is applauding

Do we educate the crowd or just politely clap in hopes that nobody notices that the whole thing is a sham?

These aren’t poems!

This piece of crap isn’t the history of an emotion set carefully to rhythmic ear-music. 

There is no jazz musician

There is no Bach

In fact, this is not p—–

Shhhhh, if you want to sell

You need social marketing

Play nice

It’s just cosmic big cock deepthroat 

Keep sucking it! 

Thanks to Tamara McLanahan

I have to thank the beautiful Tamara McLanahan for helping me get my smutpunk raffle 100 arbitrary ‘supports’ whatever a support is. As you now, I believe in nothing, spit on social media, and think people are generally racist morons, which puts me at a big of a disadvantage right off the mark. Still, sometimes we set goals and sometimes we achieve those goals. In my case, it’s nearly never done by me. I’m only successful when I get help from people and what always blows me the fuck away so hard jizz spews out of me and nails holes in the neighbor’s wall is that people will come out of the woodwork to help. This time is was Tamara who is a new writer, but already highly-polished and wonderful. So be sure to show her some love. If you like me, you’re going to like her.