Instafreebie Event of the Year #Freebies #Giveaway

Smutpunk is putting on an extravaganza featuring many freebies from a bunch of different authors including Linzi Bassett, Kat Crimson, Reed James, and many many more.

Also, there’s a big raffle giveaway with a chance to win hundreds of dollars in prizes! Multiple winners will be chosen. So please get involved. Details are on the Moctezuma Johnson Home Page.


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Spa Devotional by Archer Tinto is Really Hot

Book Review by MJ

Spa Devotional: An Erotic Foray is an in-depth story of pleasure. It’s a first person trip to the wildest spa I’ve ever heard of, and I’ve been to some wild places in my travels. A woman is getting herself ready for a best friend’s wedding but instead gets herself ready for unimagineable delights. She’s fawned on by a bevy of the sexiest beauties that map out every inch of her body for beautification and stimulation. By the time she’s done buzzing with pain and pleasure, she’s radiant. Reading this book is like experiencing one slow, deep tantric sexual experience. Archer Tinto starts the verbal foreplay and keeps you edging until a final climax.”