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#LPRTG | Read a Preview of The Book of Real & Imaginary Girlfriends – Original Smutpunk

In some ways, this book is the original smutpunk. It’s literary smut with a lot of attitude but also a layer of smarts and depth. See for yourself. Read an excerpt and then download it and flip through it. Most people feel that the Amy Sequence is the most emotional part. One erotica writer, Connie Cliff, says it made her cry. Give it a read!

Read Excerpt of The Book of Real & Imaginary Girlfriends by Moctezuma Johnson



If you haven’t done so already, please, check out Emme Hor and follow her on Amazon so you know when new books come out. She’s about to drop I AM NOT A WHORE, AM I? on Amazon any day now. This ontumblr_nyax4vZ9WE1tjqu37o1_400e is a lot less tame than the first one. You’ll see.

It’s loaded with facefucking, big Asian tits, power struggles, and Brittany’s descent into whoredom.

I’ve written a short foreword (which we’ve put at the back) for it.



Asian Big Tits Cum-Play at Tokyo Bang

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Jane Filipina with big natural tits gets pounded

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Gorgeous Thai Jenny. Actress, model, etc

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Slutty and desperately horny Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman gets her tits weighed in this short story by Red Pesca

After the tit-weighing her husband leaves her and she enters a stranger’s van which she immediately regrets in this short story by Red Pesca