Epilogue – Book 3 Milked by the Yeti


by Moctezuma Johnson

Well, as Lena feared the Yeti got to have his way with her. It took a while for her to learn how to take his entire yeti-penis inside of her, but she did. She was better off being on top of him that way she could control how much of him she was taking. At first it was pain on par with childbirth, not that she was conscious for hers. Then it was pain and pleasure mixed. It led her to orgasms of which she had previously only dreamed. The yeti was the king of the sexual jungle, no doubt.

Then her worst fears came true. As much as the yeti had obsessed over her, and her milky titties, she woke up one morning and her breasts felt different. She cupped one of her magnificent titties and it was softer, lighter. The yeti grabbed Lena and had a kneading session and then a quick suck but was upset to find that there was no milk left. The following day he sucked again in the morning and found them devoid of milk one more time. On day three, when her tits turned out to be done producing milk he took her over his shoulder. Lena was crying, cursing the gods of milky titties, and pounding on his back trying to convince him not to punt her. He rolled her into a ball, like she was in the middle of doing a crunch or a hanging leg raise, and then kicked her down the mountain, again. It was a bone crushing kick that shattered her femur and sent her flying through the air. She landed plushly in a soft powder of snow but her momentum carried her down the mountain. She rolled and rolled, in excruciating pain each time she flipped over, and landed at the village one more time. Natasha was contacted. Lena’s thigh was set in a bandage by the local guru. She was given hot tea and blanket. She sipped, shivered, and cursed the fucking yeti, milked by “Mike” for the last time.


Milked By The Yeti Again, part 4 By Callie Press | #LPRTG #MrBrtg | @calliepress @mjkingoferotica

Milked by the Yeti (Again) Part 4

By Callie Press

Thanks MJ! I knew the antumbra was inside, but I still had it wrong…go figger! MJ says, FUN FACT: I love supplying FUN FACTS. 

Part of my process is flaking out. Tonight I feel like reading comic books online more than writing, and I’m tired enough that I know I’ll feel like shit until I sleep. I guess I’m not as recovered as I thought. I can flake out though, it’s part of my own particular…what’s the word…idiom!

Anyhow, next time you see my words I’ll be wrapping it up! When you’re done here, go read my stuff on Amazon featuring Callie Press already. It’s Christmas, have a little mercy on me, buy something. [linky poo: http://j.mp/mjrcpp ] Stay tuned, true believers, this won’t be the last you see of some of these characters…!


In Case you Need Some BackStory:

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Milked by the Yeti (Again) Part 4…The Conclusion!

Lena was awakened by the yeti’s hand grabbing her. The igloo interior had warmed enough that she could sleep, but when he reached inside it, his big-ass King Kong mitt shattered the whole structure and it came tumbling down around her. He was already pulling her out of it, so she just got a little icy snow in her hair.

It was morning. Early morning, so early that Lena would never be awake so early unless she had been up all night. The yeti didn’t give a hoot, he was awake and his massive yeti-cock was awake as well. Lena noticed his erection was big and jelly again. He must have still had his dander up to fight when he mounted her last time, which made his giant fuckstick stiff like a weapon. It seemed when he was DTF (that means down to fuck) it was Smucker’s-hard and not weapon-hard. Lena was relieved about this. When he was weapon-hard, he couldn’t get his stroke on without splitting her in half. She was too tiny. The last time, it made him very angry with her.

This morning, he had apparently fled Mrs. She-Yeti and her yeti-sized tits to apply his morning wood to Lena. Lena wondered how many other women he had stored in the little prison he had built and snatched her from.

The yeti brought her close to his face and sniffed, then plucked the nightshirt off her. All the fastened buttons popped off as he yanked it away and dropped it. She was naked and exposed to his fascinating, oddly lit eyes that made her swoon, and she found it very arousing. He held her in his enormous hand and grabbed her tits in the fingertips of his other hand, pulling her closer to his mouth as he squeezed and primed her massive bazooms for his drinking pleasure. She slid a hand down between her thighs and started to run her fingers up and down between her lips. He leaned forward and started to suck on her breasts. He took both of her enormous mammaries into his yeti mouth. Her perfect Russian tits were being suckled by the same unhygienic mouth she wanted to kiss to see if they had true love. Finally, she was being milked by the yeti again!

She shuddered as she felt milk flow. [Milk that her delectable young orbs wouldn’t even be producing if she was in real life and not the rough draft of a wank tale*, but you came here to see her get milked by the yeti again.] She felt her pussy grow moister and moister [some people think ‘moist’ is an ugly word, try ‘moister’ on for size] as he drank from her impeccable organic baby-bottles like an obscene Baby Huey covered in shag carpeting. He drank and drank, and drank some more. When he stopped drinking, it was only to breathe so he could drink again. He drank until she felt light-headed. He drank more milk than she was humanly capable of producing, because all bets are off when the fucking yeti is involved. When he leaned back and sighed, her tits popped out with a perfect quintuple-bounce, each bounce slightly less bouncy than the last, just like in the dirty Vines men save to their secret folders. She saw a little trail of her milk dribbling down his chin, so she knew he was full, because he was not drinking it.

He held her firmly in one strong hand and plopped backwards onto his big yeti ass in the snow. It flipped her tummy like driving over a hill too quickly, and she giggled. His huge jellyish yeti pecker was erect between his belly and hers, and she was still diddling herself. He lifted her up and shoved her at his cock with no attempt at subtlety and no thought for her pleasure. He missed and his fencepost-sized head butted up against her crotch and thighs. It was an ambiguous attempt at entering her, which is the worst kind of attempt at entering someone, especially if the enterer has an oversized cock (of jelly variety or non-jelly, either way). Lena was able to wiggle her hips enough to point his bright red yeti dickhead at her pussy, which was a serious relief. If he had ended up in the wrong hole, she thought it might kill her by twisting her guts around inside her, like a wooden spoon stirring a stock pot of borscht, if the borscht was being stirred by a hyperactive kid on meth. She at least knew it would hurt like a fucking bitch and probably leave her constipated for a month and that’s never something sexy to look forward to, so most people just don’t think about those things when they’re contemplating anal.

She felt ecstatic when his ridiculously big purplish-pink prick entered her. It filled her completely and stretched her magnificently, and she loved it. He cupped her round ass in his hands and bounced her up and down on his absurd babymaker. His hands were so big that he folded his fingers together and made a little seat for her to rest her perfect little Russian caboose on. She liked it better than a real sex swing, even though it gave a similar weightless, out-of-control feeling that made her gush and want to come.

She bounced on him faster and faster, and she grabbed his face and pulled him closer to try for her true love kiss. He didn’t know what she was doing so he didn’t let her move his face. He let out a little rumble that could have been a threat or a chuckle as she yanked his beard, she couldn’t tell which. She didn’t care either because she was so excited from his hands on her ass and his big cock splooshing and splurshing inside her tight, sopping wetness.

Lena was coming on the yeti’s big cock when she heard two sounds indicating that shit had gone nuts: the she-yeti’s angry roar, and the sound of a truck approaching quickly.


Vlad was driving like an idiot over the new-fallen snow coating the narrow little mountain path, Natasha in the middle between the two men. Jack Li was holding his rifle and tracking the yeti from the door seat.

“I know where I’ve seen you!” Natasha exclaimed suddenly. [fancy tags AND adverbs, squeeze all those sins in!] “You were Jackie Lee! Little Jackie Lee, the barnacle-boy from underground Asian porn movies!”

“No no,” he said nervously. “My name is not Jack Lee, it’s Jack Li. A common mistake.”

“Ohhhhh,” Natasha said.

“Didn’t you just say the same name twice?” Vlad asked.

“Little Jackie Lee had a two-foot cock,” Natasha said. “I was always very, very curious about him.”

He was underage when those movies were made!” Jack Li said. “You should never even have seen those! The government made him record those movies! He needed the money!” Then to Vlad, he said, “It sounds the same to, uh, untrained ears.”

“But aside from being older, you look just like him!” Natasha said.

“I see, we all look alike to you, is that it?” Jack said, glaring at her.

“No…um. No. My mistake,” Natasha said.160-horny-yeti-fucks-sexy-traveller.jpg

“But,” Vlad started, and Natasha backhanded his shoulder.

“Racial!” she hissed, and Vlad’s eyes opened and he shut up.

The tracks turned around a corner and suddenly they were staring at the little lake plateau with the stalagmites. Off in the distance on the surface of the lake, they saw the yeti’s back, sitting on the ground. He looked like a featureless snowdrift that was sort of wiggling rhythmically.

“There he is!” Jack Li said. Vlad hit the accelerator hard. The truck flew over the ice, barely controlled. At the same moment a howling, extended, angry roar pierced the sky.

“Two of them!” Vlad said.

“Oh shit, there it is!” Natasha said, pointing off the right at the she-yeti, who was in a lumbering run toward the fucking yeti sitting on his buttocks. “It must be his mate!”

They were still several hundred feet away from the sitting yeti. They saw perfectly as he stood up and turned toward them, holding Lena’s naked body in one hand, his massive purple erection swinging around before him like a saber, dripping his silvery ejaculate onto the ice. Lena was leaking cum and had that same stupid look on her face as she had when they saw her fall under the spell of his eyes.

The yeti looked at the rapidly approaching she-yeti. He extended Lena in his arm, then punted her like a football. She flew an unbelievable distance very quickly. She rose to ludicrous heights as she sailed like a bullet to the shore. Vlad, Natasha, and Jack Li all three watched as she flew right over the truck and landed at the edge of the lake.

“Go get her!” Jack Li said. He yanked his parka off and put it in Natasha’s lap. “Use this for her,” he said as he opened the door and made a rolling leap out. Under his parka, the red breather that had been in front of his mouth was revealed as just the tip of an enormous, telescoping codpiece that had been hugged to his chest. As Natasha watched him roll, a crusty covering grew from his crotch to quickly cover his entire body from the neck down.

Vlad jerked the wheel hard and spun around to save Natasha. Jack Li got a hard running start, then threw himself face-down onto the lake, zipping across it on his red armored codpiece like his dick was a sled named Rosebud. In no time he was there, face to face with the yeti, and their cocks had barely crossed in battle before the she-yeti arrived on the scene.

Jack Li worked his hips to send his increasingly long cock (which explains why the codpiece telescopes) at the Yeti, simultaneously bolting a bullet into his rifle and firing at him. He shot the yeti and missed. Instead of hitting him in his big white yeti face, he only nicked his big white yeti ear.

Mrs. Yeti hit Jack Li with one of her own ham-sized mitts and he tumbled backwards onto the ice, skidding a few feet before he tried to shake it off.

Meanwhile, Natasha and Vlad were helping butt-ass naked Lena to her feet, then into the coat. She saw the melee across the lake and, as bruised and beat up as she was, still cried, “Vlad! Stop them!”

Vlad looked up and saw the she-yeti send Jack Li flying. He ran to the truck and got his rifle out. He leaned over the warm hood of the truck, lined the sights carefully at the yeti’s center of gravity, exhaled, and squeezed the trigger.

The bullet flew directly at Jack Li’s armored codpiece that was standing up like a giant Devo hat.

“Damn this curse!” Vlad exclaimed, lining up the sights even more carefully at the yeti. The she-yeti was trying to drag him away, so they were standing fairly still. The yeti kept looking between the she-yeti and Jack Li, not knowing what to do. It gave Vlad a chance to take even more careful aim.

“Please guide my aim, gods of my fathers!” Vlad whispered under his breath as he squeezed the trigger again. The bullet went nowhere near where physics demanded it should go, once again knocking Jack Li’s codpiece swaying like a lifebuoy during a tsunami.

“Third time’s the charm!” he said to himself, aiming again.

Natasha grabbed his elbow and pulled him off the hood of the truck. “Stop, you’re going to hurt him! Quit shooting Jack’s dick and shoot the fucking yeti!”

“I aimed at the yeti every time!” he yelled. “I told you I don’t like guns! It’s the curse!”

“Well then just get her in the truck,” Natasha said, disgusted. “I will go save Jack Li.”

As she started trotting her fine Russian booty across the snow, her long blonde hair bouncing in slow motion like this was some kind of fucked up beer commercial, the she-yeti managed to bully the yeti into running away before her. In no time their long yeti legs put them on the horizon, then they disappeared.

“Are you ok?” Natasha asked Jack Li.

“Why did you shoot my dick?” Jack Li asked. “It hurt even through the armor!”

“You ARE Little Jackie Lee, the barnacle-boy, aren’t you? I will keep your secret.” She helped him to his feet and he leaned on her as they walked.

“It is true. Jack Li is my alter-ego. In truth, my secret identity is Jackie Lee, now the Barnacle Man. I need you to keep my secret, so I don’t have to kill you and everyone you love. So thank you, I hate doing that.”

“No problem,” Natasha said.

It was a long drive down the mountain with two wounded, but they got back to camp soon enough. Vlad had proven the curse of the cock shot, Natasha had saved her friend, Jack Li had kept his secret identity secret (for the most part) and been cockshot twice, and Lena had been milked by the yeti again.



Natasha sat between Lena and Jack Li, and Vlad sat opposite her, also between Lena and Jack Li. They were huddled around a fire in a big yurt someone had hastily arranged for them. It was cozy, but they were still dressed warmly, as they had been in and out throughout the day except Lena. She had just been resting.

“My friend,” Vlad said to Jack Li, “I must tell you of my family curse. My bullets only hit in male sexual organs, and I have shot you in your manhood. Because of the curse I can guarantee: you will never have children.”

Jack Li shrugged, and unzipped his parka to the center of his chest. He pointed at his massive telescoping codpiece. “Do I look like I was ever going to have children? Human children? We are friends now Vlad, do not worry. Lena, how do you feel? You were punted quite thoroughly.”

“Oh, I’m better,” she said. “Something about getting milked by the yeti seemed to agree with me, I’m hardly bruised.”

Natasha leaned on her in a half-hug, then leaned on Jack Li in the same way. “Well, now that the adventure is over, what say we have a small orgy?”

Vivek stuck his head in the flap. He was still charred and his glorious mustachios were burnt down to a little Hitler-stache, but his eyes were bright and his turban was impeccable. “I am agreeable to a small orgy!”

“Yes,” Jack Li said, “And tomorrow we will take you to the Yeti milking-camp where I hastily buried poor Radika’s corpse in the snow.”

“Make sure the flap is shut securely though,” Lena said as Vivek entered and started immediately shucking his silky, colorful robes off. “I’m tired of being cold.”

Everyone started stripping themselves and each other. Natasha was fascinated by Jack Li’s codpiece, holding the end of it and scoping it out and back. It seemed to have no limit to how far it could go, and it was always almost as wide as his chest. Vlad and Vivek were gingerly undressing Lena, who was still quite bruised up no matter what she said, but luckily had no broken bones, which was almost a miracle. She could take quite a beating, at least when she was under the yeti’s spell.

Lena was having her first taste of Vivek’s uncut, brown cock, Vlad was squeezing his wife’s naked ass with one hand as he started to ride Lena doggy style. Simultaneously, Natasha said, “How do I get this damn armor off?” to Jack Li as she was trying to get his cock out while he was fondling her bare tits. As soon as these words left her mouth, three men rushed into the yurt, clubbed Jack Li over the head with what looked like a piece of firewood, and drug him away. By the time anyone could get around to look out the flap, there was no trace of them, and Jack Li, or Jackie Lee, was gone.

“That was unexpected,” Vlad said.  Vlad was still slowly fucking Lena from behind.

“Indeed it was, who will help me find my Radika now?” Vivek asked. Lena was still sucking his cock.

“She’s at the first camp,” Natasha said, putting Vivek’s hand on her naked pussy. “We will take you. Poor Jackie, I hope he is ok.”

“He will be fine,” Lena said, finally letting Vivek’s growing cock out of her mouth. “All things considered, this could have ended worse.”

“So true,” Natasha said, leaning down to take a turn sucking Vivek as Lena held his cock out to her.



So ladies and gentleman, we wrap up Book 2 of MILKED BY THE YETI as such. Stay tuned, true believers for more YETI and more MILKING.

If you don’t know, now you now.

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*a one wank wonder, like a pop song [[[without spoiling any future parts, I think that time is a bit nebulous in Nepal and her lactating is more plausible than a certain author thinks]]

FUN FACT (I’m not saying you didn’t notice, but nor am I saying you did know this. I sure didn’t. Shame on me!):


Milked By The Yeti Again, part 2 By Callie Press | #LPRTG #MrBrtg | @calliepress @mjkingoferotica

Milked by the Yeti (Again), Part 2

By Callie Press

A behind the scenes look at Callie’s process and then installment 2 of MILKED BY THE YETI below with some beats/scribbles/callie-stuff at the end

See, writing is almost always a stream of consciousness thing with me. That’s why I can go really fast when I do. None of the ‘work’ is in rough drafts for me, it’s all in fixes. Writing is rewriting, that kind of shit. Luckily, the closer my roughs come to firsts, the better off I am, and the closer my firsts come to finals, the better off I am (everybody knows that). I use this little system hubby taught me in my editing days (which he used and still uses for editing as well). I posted a blog on writer’s block that mostly explains it, but the nuts and bolts are, when I’m ‘working,’ I am writing. If I am not writing, I am typing. I never run out of ideas. I can’t keep up with them. You’re the same way whether you know it or not. Keep typing when you can’t write, let your mind wander to wherever it wants to go, daydream and write down your daydreams, just set them aside in BOLD BRACKETS [Like this] because it makes them easier to spot and cut out once you move out of typing and into writing.

In part 1, and in this part (mostly), and in anything you ever see from me, you don’t see pure rough draft. Ever. First draft is the pure rough draft with all those bold bracket comments removed, so it is the rough draft, it’s just minus my writing baggage and my thinking baggage and my emotional or physical pain that’s going on, if any. Rough draft is the mess I make in my document when I start something. The first draft is after I cut away all the shit and put it aside and have something left that looks like it could be a story or a chapter or a section or a scene or a vignette or what-have-you.

And now, Milked by the Yeti (Again) returns to you already in progress!



Callie’s Milked by the Yeti

“Lena!” cried Vlad as Lena receded from their grasp. “Fight him! It’s as if he thinks he can discard you, and take you back whenever he wants!” People were screaming now in the tent, and trying to find the staked-down bottom edges so they could escape the clinging flames. Vivek was unconscious atop it.

The Yeti slung Lena over his shoulder and turned away. He ran off toward the woods at the foot of the mountain, but as they watched, he disappeared. His fur and hide had the power of illusion in the Himalayan snow as well as any 9th level Wizard who hadn’t specialized him- or herself out of the school of illusion magic.

The shaggy mountain held Lena in the crook of his massive, strong arm as if she were sitting in a chair covered with the flowing, downy silk of his fur. The wind was cold in her face, but she was warmed by his inner furnace. She was angry. She wasn’t as angry as she should have been, because his fur was so warm and soft to her delicate senses. Now and again she would look up at him, about to tell him to take her back. Every time she would see those bewitching pinholes—the red antumbrae of his huge, dark eyes—and become ensorcelled anew.

She was looking into his eyes even as he fell head-first into the snow. He had arched his back and landed on his forehead. His knees were on the ground and this turned his enormous body into a cave, where Lena had his forearm for a bench. He wiggled his head and shoulders so that his left shoulder became snow-covered with his head resting on it. His right shoulder was raised and away from his face enough to leave a small gap so air and light could get in. His face was inside this cave, but upside-down and a little sideways to Lena. She saw him looking at her.

Those eyes…she could not understand the spell his eyes put on her. She felt like a hippie adolescent girl getting a first look at Peter Frampton, although Lena couldn’t possibly know anyone had ever felt that exact feeling in 1977, which was long before the buxom young Russian prostitute had been born. Her nipples ached in arousal the longer she sat in the warm cave just staring into his freaky, big-ass monster peepers.

She heard some pursuit, villagers who had seen the attack and pursued (at a safe distance). They passed them right by, and right as Lena thought to call out to them, the Yeti made a little “Shh” sound and locked eyes with her again.

She looked into those red dots, so enchanting and kindly. How could she betray him? They would surely shoot him, even though he hadn’t harmed her yet this time. She couldn’t bear the thought of that, even though she doubted a few bullets would do much besides piss of this living monolith of adaptation. But she didn’t even want him pissed off as his magical eyes did their thing to her, as we have gone on about at length already. You get it, right?

Then she noticed he was staring at her bosom. All she had on was one of Vlad’s button-down shirts she had borrowed. After getting her ass kicked down the mountain and being rescued, she wanted to go straight to bed. It was a little less than mid-thigh on her and her enormous breasts pushed it out and snugged it up on her round, two perfect handfuls of ass cheek as well. She looked hot like a sexy young Russian prostitute ought to look and her abductor had finally noticed, probably because her tits were too big for the shirt, and her nipples were hard in spite of the warmth in the hidey-hole he created.

As the Yeti’s enormous until bumped her elbow, the only thing that haunted Lena were Vlad’s last words to her. “It’s as if he thinks he can discard you, and take you back whenever he wants!” These words troubled Lena as she unbuttoned the button down and the Yeti grinned, showing unappealing teeth that had never been seen by any dentist, nor even an elf who would one day be a dentist. This concept stuck in her mind as she dropped the sexy man-shirt and got on all fours in the little cave under his chest and pelvis. Vlad’s worrisome sentiment niggled at her brain as she pushed her wet, naked, tiny pussy up against the ham-sized head of his abominable cock. She heard “he thinks he can discard you!” as the roof of her snowman-tent started drilling its giant pecker into the ridiculously tiny knothole of her wanton cunt.

She took him inside her the best she could, which was the same kind of nuisance and glory as it had been the last time he fucked her, so you can just remember that time for those details. He was clever enough not to get his stroke on really well. Random Asians in parkas kept coming close and walking around. The Asians in parkas kept calling her name in their varied accents as they walked right past the little airhole by his shoulder. They were of several nationalities, although all of their parkas were identical.

The little nudges the Yeti-yurt made, as he merely stretched her lips beyond the point of childbirth with no significant penetration, drove her crazy. “Oh Yeti,” she moaned, staring into his eyes. He gave her a couple inches in and out, slowly, and he moved the enclosed arm she had been using for a seat. First he laid a finger across her lips to shush her, then he groped the nearest huge, pale, milky Russian titty he could reach.

“Oh Yeti,” Lena said, “I’m going to come on your big furry Yeti dick!”

The yeti shrugged and Lena started to shudder, coming on his big furry Yeti dick. The beast himself just kept moving his hips what little motion the Asians in parkas wouldn’t notice. It was obvious to Lena that the abominable monster wanted to be deeper, which only excited her shivering, overstretched fuckhole even more.

The creature’s eyes locked with hers again. She was only just starting to come down from the high of orgasm when she knew he was displeased with her. As sudden as a wet towel to the ass, his formerly bench-hand gripped her about the waist and he stood up to his full height. She slipped off his cock with an audible pop and he roared.

Three or four Asians in parkas stood nearby, too terrified to even remember they were holding bolt-action rifles. Bolt-action rifles are easier to use with mittens. That’s not true, I don’t think. But you can imagine how it makes a kind of sense, until you really think about it much. They didn’t know either way.* In any case, they had bolt-action rifles, but they forgot about them when the Yeti emitted his earth-shaking, pissed off and horny roar.

The Yeti was full-blown DTF. That means down to fuck. He was blaming Lena, for his frustration, at the shallow penetration, in their former situation. He was good and aroused, but bitchy as hell all of a sudden in that way you can only get when sex is annoying you for some reason. He roared until all of the Asians in parkas ran away toward their mountain camp, and then he finally started eating up the ground with his long-legged Yeti run.

He was taking her back to his home on the mountain. She was scared, and her face was cold again though her butt was warm, and she was also strangely happy. Especially when they did the eye contact thing.

“Oh Yeti,” Lena said sadly. “I can’t fall in love with you. I can’t. I can’t!”

He aimed his antumbrae right into her pupils as he kept taking big clumsy yeti-run steps up the steep slope of the mountain, turning and climbing unexpectedly as needed.

“But I already have…” Lena whispered to herself as she swam in his sensual eyes. “Fucking Yeti!”

He kept working up the mountain, cradling her in one herculean arm, as the sun started to set.


Beats / Scribbles? / Callie-shit in brackets:

*I don’t either. In subsequent drafts, I would either look it up and make the statement, and/or cut all of this shit. To be honest, in other first drafts, I have brackets that I cut out which contains the irrelevant stuff that hits me in the zone, like this since it’s coming right now more than her getting off on the yeti pecker: [oh here’s a bit of a snippet for the Sarcashmo/Queen Kegel first story, she says “Hello, Sarcashmo, or is it Saint Semen this time?” and he says “San Esperma!” and she all cute and sexy says, “Oooh, how rootsy!” and you can bet this or something like it will turn up sooner or later, in this case, sooner] [Hey I promised first draft, this is what I have to live with, one time won’t hurt you any. I’ll cut the rest of them out before I give it to MJ for dissemination, don’t worry]

From MJ: so Callie says, to whom I do not know, and then gives it all to me like one sizzling quark that I am not sure I can handle safely without blowing up the universe. I get quark-tongs, jump into my protective suit, man the robot armor, and do my best.

Milked by the Yeti | I’m writing this online day by day | #EARTG #SSRTG #MrBrtg | Witness it in installments, like TV — PART II —

Yeti Terrorizes the Village

Milked by the Yeti

by Moctezuma Johnson

Yes, I’ll write this piece online so you can see the slow, stupid process I am stuck with thanks to brain damage, deafness, and incessant masturbation

Outline (of the part I have written / the rest will be published in a separate post)

    • He protects her from an intruder
      • he sleeps with his arms around her
      • the Yeti impregnates her. her name is Lena, not like you care
        • The Yeti gets bored and sick of Lena once he’s impregnated her, think how a horse runs off once he jizzes in a blonde



Installment 1 :: Installment 2

She had fallen asleep softly in the Yeti’s soft arms but she woke up to her hair being pulled and her jacket being ripped off by hooves. She opened her eyes and blinked. It was dark but she made out an animal’s furry head ramming down at her. The head was hard and pounded her skull to skull, apparently trying to knock her unconscious. It was some kind of wild goat, a Himalayan Tahr, or a Yak or something. It had horns curved backwards and Lena saw it coming to head butt her again and she rolled out of the way. She got a good look at it and saw that it had it’s member ragingly hard and was about to penetrate her sleeping or unconscious body. The fact that she was awake had enraged it. It made a nasty bleating noise and scratched its hooves into the ground. It was about to charge at her. She heard a growl and then saw an even bigger form reach up and cut the Tahr right across the shoulder. It made an awful noise and then ran out of the cave. The Yeti stood there with blood on his immense hand. He sighed and then sat down. It looked like he was going to cry. Lena walked forward to him. Her massive breasts were partially out since her jacket had been ripped. She saw down deeper into the cave. The Yeti had made a fire to keep her warm. She walked toward him cautiously. He licked the blood off of his hand and then took her hands in his and held her up. Her big tits were right in his face. He stared at them. He shook his hands, which shook her hands, which made her tits shake. He watched the tits shake in front of his face. He was pleased. He shook her hands some more and watched her ample breasts sway. He pulled her jacket off of her and then retuned to shaking her hands above her head. This time he snorted and made a coughing-like sound that must have been a Yeti-laugh. He pushed his face into her breasts. The fur of his face felt like cashmere on her tits. It was an intense, sensual pleasure like coming out of a hot bath into a terry cloth towel. She would have caressed his big furry head but he still held her hands pinned over her sexy body.

The yeti stood up while holding her hands in his. Now her nipples rubbed against his belly flesh, that’s how tall he was. She looked up at him, with wide eyes. Again she saw the ant-umbra of his eyes, with red glowing from behind the cool black gems. Her nipples were hard and his fur was like a room full of feathers tickling her gently. All her nerve endings on her breasts were engaged from nipple, to areola, to bumps. She was aroused. He sniffed in. He let go of her hands. She shook her breasts again, letting them rub against his amazing fur and skin. If she could have a breast orgasm she would have been having it now. It was pure unadulterated pleasure. She was so excited that her sex was stirring and he seemed to know. He sensed it. He kept sniffing, inhaling. He could smell her arousal!

He tugged at the short skirt and she took it off. She had been wearing a thong when entertaining the men on the mountain. The Yeti grabbed the thong in his hand and it snapped right off of her like a sling shot and landed in the fire where it promptly burned up. He made that coughing sound again.

Lena took his hand in hers and put the furry digit between her legs. He made a deep sound like mmmmnnnnnn and she started to rub her slit on his furry hand and arm. Her pussy lips rubbed against the fur. When Lena was a child she enjoyed the feeling of a towel between her legs. This 1312168_feda0f8released that childhood joy but with heavy adult realism of clitoral stimulation from the soft thing she had every touched. What sand paper was to rough this fur was too soft. It was both soft and warm. It sent rainbows into her clitoris and into her libido. She was ravenous. She looked at it.

His cock.

It could be mistaken for a human leg. It was reddish brown and thick as a wine bottle. It was erect and pointing right at her. She knew it would kill her if it entered her but also thought that because she was gushing with her liquids that it could possibly be taken inside of her.

He must have read her mind, or sensed her thinking, or smelled her hormonal shift. He spun her around as delicate as a salsa dancer with a long term partner and buried his hairy face in her delicate petals and ate her out. His nose rubbed her anus, and his hair face tickled the round inner ass cheeks of her asscheeks, the part right around the slit. His tongue, also hairier than a human’s, lapped all the way from the bottom hole to the top and the dragon shaped clit. Perhaps the female Yeti anatomy wasn’t that different because this abominable snowman knew his way around a pussy. He brought her to an ecstasy that she had only had with her wand and her daydreams, but this time the physical sensation was stronger than anything she had even imagined. He held her up by the waist. Not a little bit upright, but in midair and ate her pussy until she screamed out in joy yelling, “Yes, yeti, yes!”

After her pussy lips clenched and shook and leaked goo, she lifted her up and pushed his cock-leg into her quivering pussy. It stretched and hurt and opened and slid and bloomed around his Yeti-cock. It was the worst feeling of taking for than you can with the intense pleasure of being stuffed to the maximum. She was on the verge of orgasm and death. It was wonderful. He bounced her like a tiny bouncy ball on his tree stump cock. He growled as her pussy gloved his cock up and down. The cock was big but soft like a jelly dong. Not soft, but flexible. It wrapped into her and the fur tickled her insides. For the first time in her life, she had a non-clitoral climax. It was so intense that her pussy juiced forward. He fucked her deep as possible and grunted so loud that there was an avalanche outside on the mountain. He shuddered and released Yeti-seed up into Lena’s fully satisfied cunt. It was the best sex of her life.

She collapsed on top of him and they went back to sleep with the fire flickering in the interior of the cave. They slept. They were not alone. Something or somebody else was in the cave with them, their shadow stretched over the two sleeping bodies of Lena and the Yeti.

Installment 3 – Coming Tomorrow

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