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MILKED BY THE YETI, Book 3, Part 1

by Moctezuma Johnson

Alright, fuckers. I ate some sushi, chatted with July about her character Violet for a bit, told Callie I’m going to start Yeti fucking book 3, and then sat down and let this tsunami out of me. I assume it’s complete crap. I shit it out fairly easily. I’m hoping the painkillers I’m taking for nasty back pain is making me better than my normal shitty self. Hope so! I’m looking for quality. I mean, it’s Milked by the Yeti, where the trailer is good enough for xvideos.com. Hot! Err, cold, when it comes to Yetis, or does it? Find out where Book 3 starts. Are we still in Nepal? You know I’m nothing if I’m not a sucker for turning conventions on their heads (fuck I would have thrown in a female Jedi by Empire Strikes Back if somebody handed me the keys to Star Wars) so now we have enough “Milked by the Yeti” to actually have conventions to deconstruct. So let’s put on our bathing suits and start Milked by the Yeti, Book 3. Excelsior! Thanks for turning down the TV and giving this baby your full attention.


Milked by the Yeti, Book 3, Part 1

“Jump in the pool with me, baby!” Natasha was in the pool sipping on a Pina Colada. Her blonde hair was wet. She was beautiful in her skimpy bikini. She was young Russian and alive. She’d gotten her friend back from the Yeti, she’d seen Barnacle Man’s massive schlong and she was here with her new husband and her best friend. Yes, the best friend was the husband’s ex-wife but they were young, hot and they could survive that. Lena looked at the sun and thought of the Yeti’s eyes. She felt him in her belly. She was sick with missing him. She ran for the pool, “okay, baby!” she yelled back at Natasha and jumped in. Underwater, Lena saw the white bottom of the pool and thought of the Yeti’s warm, cashmere fur. She wanted to be wrapped in him. She wanted to kiss him and get surrounded by his primal warmth. She missed him. She came up for

photo 2 (1)

Natasha – Lena’s Best Friend

breath and Natasha said, “Tongue out, baby!” in her Russian accent. Lena leaned her head back. Her nipples were underwater, but her cleavage was over the waves and basking in the sun in all their glory. Lena’s hair spread out over the water. Natasha poured the pina colada over her friend’s face. Lena lapped up what she could but it looked more like she’d taken a cumshot than that she was drinking a cocktail at the pool of this Cozumel resort. The day was hot. The ocean water was clean blue, emerald. They heard the Maya used to call that color yax in the old days. Now it was called emerald or aquamarine. Now these Russian whores and bestfriends, one in love with a Yeti still in Nepal somewhere, married to a She-Yeti, were enjoying their pampering at the hands of the staff of the Hotel Riviera Maya Ruski. The staff all spoke Russian, Mayan, English, and Spanish. That was Mexican hospitality. You could pay in just about any currency you wanted, but dollars (not pesos) were the default. Fucking gringos! The girls kissed each other. Lena liked kissing Natasha more than kissing anyone else in the world. She was so happy to have her friend back. She pushed her tongue up into Tasha’s mouth, then she left it there. Natasha worked her circular magic around her friend’s tongue. A bit of pina colada drooled out between them. Vlad watched and found himself very hard. He’d had the two girls many times but still got turned on by them. They were hot! They were sluts! They were his sluts! Lena opened her eyes and looked off into the distance.

“What?” Natasha said in her high-pitched voice. “Him still Enough!” she scolded in her high-cadence.

“I could have sworn I saw him out there.”

“Ha!” Natasha said. “Like he could swim here. And how would he even know you were here. Come on!” Her voice went up in intonation in each sentence, almost like she was asking a question, but she wasn’t. “Come on, baby!” Natasha said and pulled Lena’s tits out of the little bikini that they were dying to break out from.

“That’s it! All my girls out in the pool,” said Vlad. He reached and pulled his new wife’s tits out to join his old wife’s tits. “You girls are gor–” He stopped mid-sentence as this massive cloud shut out the sun’s rays.

It was suddenly cold.

The temperature was dropping quickly. The sounds changed. They no longer heard the relaxing ebb and flow of the waves but instead heard the high-pitched squealing of the wind. It was a nasty Arctic wind. Lena remembered that sound the first time she ever crossed paths with the fucking Yeti.

Her heart started to race. Butterflies took to her stomach. Her mouth went dry. She searched the surroundings which were changing from tropical aquamarine paradise to white, cold joy. Yeti-joy. She wanted to find him but all she saw was the once verdant mountain snow-capped and frigid. The sun was still shining. No. That wasn’t the sun. That was the fucking eyeball that mesmerized her. It was the Yeti. He shook is head and it was like a tsunami coming off of him. He had swum here. He was shaking is head like a dog who had just come out of a pool, except his shake sent small tidal waves around and everyone scattered looking for safe cover.

“It’s the fucking Yeti,” yelled Natasha. She grabbed Vlad by the hand and led him uphill. “I told you to bring the gun.”

“No more curséd guns, Tash.” He said while running. His voice still sounded calm and deep, the fucking Russian. So macho even in the face of Monster with a hard-on. “I can’t take another potential life from anybody.”

“Just run, you idiot!” she chided him. They ran to safely to safety. The yeti loomed so large the scene had not only gone cold, it had gone dark.

“What is it?” another bikini’d vacationer asked Vlad and Natasha.

“It’s a Yeti.”

“Does it bring snow everywhere it goes?” The vacationer was interested.

“I have no fucking idea…bitch.” Natasha had had enough of the bimbo and her yeti-questions. She was watching in horror as the Yeti held her best friend in his hand and commenced the milking of her giant milky udders. The Yeti drank Lena’s milk.

“That’s just wrong,” Bikini Bimbo said.

At this moment, a ship shot out of the water, it was ruddered by a giant cock. A man in a Vietnamese rice-picking hat covered in barnacle necklaces and sporting a cock at least two-storeys long and dripping wet from sea-captaining a vessel. He shot out of the water like a sub-human cannonball and then, from mid-air, aimed his harpoon at the fucking yeti who wasn’t facing him. “Hey, Mike!” yelled Barnacle Man and the yeti ignored him. Barnacle Man landed on the ground, still pointing the harpoon at the fucking yeti. “Hey, ‘Mike,'” yelled little Jackie Li and the yeti stopped drinking Lena’s milk and turned to face Barnacle Man and the harpoon. The yeti growled so loud that the Earth shook. The pool bottom cracked and all the water drained, leaving nothing but a few icicles hanging from the diving board.

Barnacle Man shot. Lena yelled, “No!” The Yeti whimpered and reached for his harpooned eye. The antumbra disappeared. The red was gone and it went glassy and started to look more like an opal. Lena’s heart broke. Those eyes. They were injured, by this little Asian fucking Gook Yeti-Harpooning Bastard. “What the fuck are you doing?”

Barnacle ignored the milked sexpot and her bemoaning and chained the yeti’s hands. This little big-dicked fucker knew what the hell he was doing. It was no ordinary harpoon. It was alive and it punctured the yeti’s eye and then wrapped the rope and heavy chain attached to it around the yeti’s hairy wrists until he was bound and subdued.

The yeti had been captured.

The hotel staff either had excellent training as first responders or they had captured mythical beasts before because they came down to Barnacle Man, gave him a limonada (let Callie tell you about lemons and limes and how they got reversed when they made their way into English, don’t bother me with linguistics now, I’ve been trying to write this story in one fucking try, ok? Take it to chomsky or callie already! Yeah limón is the green one and lima is the yellow, okay? Happy now?) the green limeade with sugar and sparkling motherfucking water which the hungry Asian yeti-capturing sea-pirate chugged down while they hotel staff, in uniforms, very form-fitting I will say (perfect for a gangbang scene later), and carted the Yeti off to Mythical Creature jail at the top of the now snow-capped mountain.

End Part 1 – Book 3 of MILKED BY THE YETI


Previous Installments

Preview of Part 2 – Book 3 Milked by the Yeti

The Yeti was okay in jail. He’d been in jails before. He spent time in a Nepalese jail for a while. He met Bruce Wayne there, incidentally. Big fan. Bruce of the fucking yeti, that is. He was also in a North Korean jail for a while when he was making crystal meth. Barnacle Man, employed by the Kim family in the 80s caught the fucking yeti, that was his fifth time, and then dragged his whining pink ass (yes like an baboon) to the great Democratic People’s Republic of Korea [조선민주주의인민공화국 (朝鮮民主主義人民共和國)] where he taught the locals to make meth so the north could claim an income stream and keep up with the South who were doing the same with the help of GIs in the occupying US military. Anyway, it’s all very political and you don’t care, just trust me on this one key point, Barnacle Man has been a fucking thorn in the side of the Yeti for hundreds of years now. Thus he cock-ruddered up to the HOTEL RIVIERA DE MAYA RUSKI and kicked the white motherfucking yeti’s pink behind (yes we missed this detail in the first two segments of the YETI, oh well, dear reader. Great catch!). Now the Yeti was chill, cooperative, and all he asked for, this “Mike” the Yeti, was a psychologist. No that’s not exactly the right word, a marriage counselor. According to the Yeti, he wasn’t trying to kill and villagers from any village outside of the Himalayas (the Himalayan Beef you will have to allow him for it’s been an ongoing tit for tat for thousands of years now). The counselor sat on a frozen log outside the cage where the Yeti was shackled. The Yeti had both of his arms pinned to the wall with two u-shaped shackled held together by big thick clevis pins. He wasn’t going anywhere. The counselor listened, nodded, and occassionally jotted down notes. They spoke in Nepali. The HOTEL RIVIERA DE MAYA RUSKI had employees capable of speaking just about every language on the planet. The Yeti, Mike was saying, was simply in a bad marriage and there was just something about Lena. Those tits! Those tits! They were just so milky! He growled with passion, with hunger, with desperation. Please bring her to me. Conjugal visits. Lactational visits. The counselor said, “I’ll see what I can do about that,” and left the Yeti fettered to the wall.



Milked By The Yeti Again, part 4 By Callie Press | #LPRTG #MrBrtg | @calliepress @mjkingoferotica

Milked by the Yeti (Again) Part 4

By Callie Press

Thanks MJ! I knew the antumbra was inside, but I still had it wrong…go figger! MJ says, FUN FACT: I love supplying FUN FACTS. 

Part of my process is flaking out. Tonight I feel like reading comic books online more than writing, and I’m tired enough that I know I’ll feel like shit until I sleep. I guess I’m not as recovered as I thought. I can flake out though, it’s part of my own particular…what’s the word…idiom!

Anyhow, next time you see my words I’ll be wrapping it up! When you’re done here, go read my stuff on Amazon featuring Callie Press already. It’s Christmas, have a little mercy on me, buy something. [linky poo: http://j.mp/mjrcpp ] Stay tuned, true believers, this won’t be the last you see of some of these characters…!


In Case you Need Some BackStory:

Installment 1 | Installment 2 | Installment 3 | Installment 4
Installment 1Installment 2 | Installment 3 | Installment 4

Milked by the Yeti (Again) Part 4…The Conclusion!

Lena was awakened by the yeti’s hand grabbing her. The igloo interior had warmed enough that she could sleep, but when he reached inside it, his big-ass King Kong mitt shattered the whole structure and it came tumbling down around her. He was already pulling her out of it, so she just got a little icy snow in her hair.

It was morning. Early morning, so early that Lena would never be awake so early unless she had been up all night. The yeti didn’t give a hoot, he was awake and his massive yeti-cock was awake as well. Lena noticed his erection was big and jelly again. He must have still had his dander up to fight when he mounted her last time, which made his giant fuckstick stiff like a weapon. It seemed when he was DTF (that means down to fuck) it was Smucker’s-hard and not weapon-hard. Lena was relieved about this. When he was weapon-hard, he couldn’t get his stroke on without splitting her in half. She was too tiny. The last time, it made him very angry with her.

This morning, he had apparently fled Mrs. She-Yeti and her yeti-sized tits to apply his morning wood to Lena. Lena wondered how many other women he had stored in the little prison he had built and snatched her from.

The yeti brought her close to his face and sniffed, then plucked the nightshirt off her. All the fastened buttons popped off as he yanked it away and dropped it. She was naked and exposed to his fascinating, oddly lit eyes that made her swoon, and she found it very arousing. He held her in his enormous hand and grabbed her tits in the fingertips of his other hand, pulling her closer to his mouth as he squeezed and primed her massive bazooms for his drinking pleasure. She slid a hand down between her thighs and started to run her fingers up and down between her lips. He leaned forward and started to suck on her breasts. He took both of her enormous mammaries into his yeti mouth. Her perfect Russian tits were being suckled by the same unhygienic mouth she wanted to kiss to see if they had true love. Finally, she was being milked by the yeti again!

She shuddered as she felt milk flow. [Milk that her delectable young orbs wouldn’t even be producing if she was in real life and not the rough draft of a wank tale*, but you came here to see her get milked by the yeti again.] She felt her pussy grow moister and moister [some people think ‘moist’ is an ugly word, try ‘moister’ on for size] as he drank from her impeccable organic baby-bottles like an obscene Baby Huey covered in shag carpeting. He drank and drank, and drank some more. When he stopped drinking, it was only to breathe so he could drink again. He drank until she felt light-headed. He drank more milk than she was humanly capable of producing, because all bets are off when the fucking yeti is involved. When he leaned back and sighed, her tits popped out with a perfect quintuple-bounce, each bounce slightly less bouncy than the last, just like in the dirty Vines men save to their secret folders. She saw a little trail of her milk dribbling down his chin, so she knew he was full, because he was not drinking it.

He held her firmly in one strong hand and plopped backwards onto his big yeti ass in the snow. It flipped her tummy like driving over a hill too quickly, and she giggled. His huge jellyish yeti pecker was erect between his belly and hers, and she was still diddling herself. He lifted her up and shoved her at his cock with no attempt at subtlety and no thought for her pleasure. He missed and his fencepost-sized head butted up against her crotch and thighs. It was an ambiguous attempt at entering her, which is the worst kind of attempt at entering someone, especially if the enterer has an oversized cock (of jelly variety or non-jelly, either way). Lena was able to wiggle her hips enough to point his bright red yeti dickhead at her pussy, which was a serious relief. If he had ended up in the wrong hole, she thought it might kill her by twisting her guts around inside her, like a wooden spoon stirring a stock pot of borscht, if the borscht was being stirred by a hyperactive kid on meth. She at least knew it would hurt like a fucking bitch and probably leave her constipated for a month and that’s never something sexy to look forward to, so most people just don’t think about those things when they’re contemplating anal.

She felt ecstatic when his ridiculously big purplish-pink prick entered her. It filled her completely and stretched her magnificently, and she loved it. He cupped her round ass in his hands and bounced her up and down on his absurd babymaker. His hands were so big that he folded his fingers together and made a little seat for her to rest her perfect little Russian caboose on. She liked it better than a real sex swing, even though it gave a similar weightless, out-of-control feeling that made her gush and want to come.

She bounced on him faster and faster, and she grabbed his face and pulled him closer to try for her true love kiss. He didn’t know what she was doing so he didn’t let her move his face. He let out a little rumble that could have been a threat or a chuckle as she yanked his beard, she couldn’t tell which. She didn’t care either because she was so excited from his hands on her ass and his big cock splooshing and splurshing inside her tight, sopping wetness.

Lena was coming on the yeti’s big cock when she heard two sounds indicating that shit had gone nuts: the she-yeti’s angry roar, and the sound of a truck approaching quickly.


Vlad was driving like an idiot over the new-fallen snow coating the narrow little mountain path, Natasha in the middle between the two men. Jack Li was holding his rifle and tracking the yeti from the door seat.

“I know where I’ve seen you!” Natasha exclaimed suddenly. [fancy tags AND adverbs, squeeze all those sins in!] “You were Jackie Lee! Little Jackie Lee, the barnacle-boy from underground Asian porn movies!”

“No no,” he said nervously. “My name is not Jack Lee, it’s Jack Li. A common mistake.”

“Ohhhhh,” Natasha said.

“Didn’t you just say the same name twice?” Vlad asked.

“Little Jackie Lee had a two-foot cock,” Natasha said. “I was always very, very curious about him.”

He was underage when those movies were made!” Jack Li said. “You should never even have seen those! The government made him record those movies! He needed the money!” Then to Vlad, he said, “It sounds the same to, uh, untrained ears.”

“But aside from being older, you look just like him!” Natasha said.

“I see, we all look alike to you, is that it?” Jack said, glaring at her.

“No…um. No. My mistake,” Natasha said.160-horny-yeti-fucks-sexy-traveller.jpg

“But,” Vlad started, and Natasha backhanded his shoulder.

“Racial!” she hissed, and Vlad’s eyes opened and he shut up.

The tracks turned around a corner and suddenly they were staring at the little lake plateau with the stalagmites. Off in the distance on the surface of the lake, they saw the yeti’s back, sitting on the ground. He looked like a featureless snowdrift that was sort of wiggling rhythmically.

“There he is!” Jack Li said. Vlad hit the accelerator hard. The truck flew over the ice, barely controlled. At the same moment a howling, extended, angry roar pierced the sky.

“Two of them!” Vlad said.

“Oh shit, there it is!” Natasha said, pointing off the right at the she-yeti, who was in a lumbering run toward the fucking yeti sitting on his buttocks. “It must be his mate!”

They were still several hundred feet away from the sitting yeti. They saw perfectly as he stood up and turned toward them, holding Lena’s naked body in one hand, his massive purple erection swinging around before him like a saber, dripping his silvery ejaculate onto the ice. Lena was leaking cum and had that same stupid look on her face as she had when they saw her fall under the spell of his eyes.

The yeti looked at the rapidly approaching she-yeti. He extended Lena in his arm, then punted her like a football. She flew an unbelievable distance very quickly. She rose to ludicrous heights as she sailed like a bullet to the shore. Vlad, Natasha, and Jack Li all three watched as she flew right over the truck and landed at the edge of the lake.

“Go get her!” Jack Li said. He yanked his parka off and put it in Natasha’s lap. “Use this for her,” he said as he opened the door and made a rolling leap out. Under his parka, the red breather that had been in front of his mouth was revealed as just the tip of an enormous, telescoping codpiece that had been hugged to his chest. As Natasha watched him roll, a crusty covering grew from his crotch to quickly cover his entire body from the neck down.

Vlad jerked the wheel hard and spun around to save Natasha. Jack Li got a hard running start, then threw himself face-down onto the lake, zipping across it on his red armored codpiece like his dick was a sled named Rosebud. In no time he was there, face to face with the yeti, and their cocks had barely crossed in battle before the she-yeti arrived on the scene.

Jack Li worked his hips to send his increasingly long cock (which explains why the codpiece telescopes) at the Yeti, simultaneously bolting a bullet into his rifle and firing at him. He shot the yeti and missed. Instead of hitting him in his big white yeti face, he only nicked his big white yeti ear.

Mrs. Yeti hit Jack Li with one of her own ham-sized mitts and he tumbled backwards onto the ice, skidding a few feet before he tried to shake it off.

Meanwhile, Natasha and Vlad were helping butt-ass naked Lena to her feet, then into the coat. She saw the melee across the lake and, as bruised and beat up as she was, still cried, “Vlad! Stop them!”

Vlad looked up and saw the she-yeti send Jack Li flying. He ran to the truck and got his rifle out. He leaned over the warm hood of the truck, lined the sights carefully at the yeti’s center of gravity, exhaled, and squeezed the trigger.

The bullet flew directly at Jack Li’s armored codpiece that was standing up like a giant Devo hat.

“Damn this curse!” Vlad exclaimed, lining up the sights even more carefully at the yeti. The she-yeti was trying to drag him away, so they were standing fairly still. The yeti kept looking between the she-yeti and Jack Li, not knowing what to do. It gave Vlad a chance to take even more careful aim.

“Please guide my aim, gods of my fathers!” Vlad whispered under his breath as he squeezed the trigger again. The bullet went nowhere near where physics demanded it should go, once again knocking Jack Li’s codpiece swaying like a lifebuoy during a tsunami.

“Third time’s the charm!” he said to himself, aiming again.

Natasha grabbed his elbow and pulled him off the hood of the truck. “Stop, you’re going to hurt him! Quit shooting Jack’s dick and shoot the fucking yeti!”

“I aimed at the yeti every time!” he yelled. “I told you I don’t like guns! It’s the curse!”

“Well then just get her in the truck,” Natasha said, disgusted. “I will go save Jack Li.”

As she started trotting her fine Russian booty across the snow, her long blonde hair bouncing in slow motion like this was some kind of fucked up beer commercial, the she-yeti managed to bully the yeti into running away before her. In no time their long yeti legs put them on the horizon, then they disappeared.

“Are you ok?” Natasha asked Jack Li.

“Why did you shoot my dick?” Jack Li asked. “It hurt even through the armor!”

“You ARE Little Jackie Lee, the barnacle-boy, aren’t you? I will keep your secret.” She helped him to his feet and he leaned on her as they walked.

“It is true. Jack Li is my alter-ego. In truth, my secret identity is Jackie Lee, now the Barnacle Man. I need you to keep my secret, so I don’t have to kill you and everyone you love. So thank you, I hate doing that.”

“No problem,” Natasha said.

It was a long drive down the mountain with two wounded, but they got back to camp soon enough. Vlad had proven the curse of the cock shot, Natasha had saved her friend, Jack Li had kept his secret identity secret (for the most part) and been cockshot twice, and Lena had been milked by the yeti again.



Natasha sat between Lena and Jack Li, and Vlad sat opposite her, also between Lena and Jack Li. They were huddled around a fire in a big yurt someone had hastily arranged for them. It was cozy, but they were still dressed warmly, as they had been in and out throughout the day except Lena. She had just been resting.

“My friend,” Vlad said to Jack Li, “I must tell you of my family curse. My bullets only hit in male sexual organs, and I have shot you in your manhood. Because of the curse I can guarantee: you will never have children.”

Jack Li shrugged, and unzipped his parka to the center of his chest. He pointed at his massive telescoping codpiece. “Do I look like I was ever going to have children? Human children? We are friends now Vlad, do not worry. Lena, how do you feel? You were punted quite thoroughly.”

“Oh, I’m better,” she said. “Something about getting milked by the yeti seemed to agree with me, I’m hardly bruised.”

Natasha leaned on her in a half-hug, then leaned on Jack Li in the same way. “Well, now that the adventure is over, what say we have a small orgy?”

Vivek stuck his head in the flap. He was still charred and his glorious mustachios were burnt down to a little Hitler-stache, but his eyes were bright and his turban was impeccable. “I am agreeable to a small orgy!”

“Yes,” Jack Li said, “And tomorrow we will take you to the Yeti milking-camp where I hastily buried poor Radika’s corpse in the snow.”

“Make sure the flap is shut securely though,” Lena said as Vivek entered and started immediately shucking his silky, colorful robes off. “I’m tired of being cold.”

Everyone started stripping themselves and each other. Natasha was fascinated by Jack Li’s codpiece, holding the end of it and scoping it out and back. It seemed to have no limit to how far it could go, and it was always almost as wide as his chest. Vlad and Vivek were gingerly undressing Lena, who was still quite bruised up no matter what she said, but luckily had no broken bones, which was almost a miracle. She could take quite a beating, at least when she was under the yeti’s spell.

Lena was having her first taste of Vivek’s uncut, brown cock, Vlad was squeezing his wife’s naked ass with one hand as he started to ride Lena doggy style. Simultaneously, Natasha said, “How do I get this damn armor off?” to Jack Li as she was trying to get his cock out while he was fondling her bare tits. As soon as these words left her mouth, three men rushed into the yurt, clubbed Jack Li over the head with what looked like a piece of firewood, and drug him away. By the time anyone could get around to look out the flap, there was no trace of them, and Jack Li, or Jackie Lee, was gone.

“That was unexpected,” Vlad said.  Vlad was still slowly fucking Lena from behind.

“Indeed it was, who will help me find my Radika now?” Vivek asked. Lena was still sucking his cock.

“She’s at the first camp,” Natasha said, putting Vivek’s hand on her naked pussy. “We will take you. Poor Jackie, I hope he is ok.”

“He will be fine,” Lena said, finally letting Vivek’s growing cock out of her mouth. “All things considered, this could have ended worse.”

“So true,” Natasha said, leaning down to take a turn sucking Vivek as Lena held his cock out to her.



So ladies and gentleman, we wrap up Book 2 of MILKED BY THE YETI as such. Stay tuned, true believers for more YETI and more MILKING.

If you don’t know, now you now.

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*a one wank wonder, like a pop song [[[without spoiling any future parts, I think that time is a bit nebulous in Nepal and her lactating is more plausible than a certain author thinks]]

FUN FACT (I’m not saying you didn’t notice, but nor am I saying you did know this. I sure didn’t. Shame on me!):


Milked By The Yeti Again, part 3 By Callie Press | #LPRTG #MrBrtg | @calliepress @mjkingoferotica

Milked by the Yeti (Again) part 3

by Callie Press

A behind the scenes look at Callie’s process and then installment 3 of MILKED BY THE YETI. Natch!

So I looked over the other parts and analyzed my work in the ‘literary’ sense. (Yeah, believe it or not, I have some education.) But that’s for me to know and you to figure out yourself! MJ seemed to find it amusing that I was taking this seriously. So I feel like I need to say, I’m not taking the story seriously, just my craft! Rough drafts are hideous so I desperately try to make my first shot read like a final draft once all my notes get cut out. Hemingway sentences are part of make-up, but I do tend to stick eight or nine of them together with commas and such sometimes. I don’t mind having more than one idea in a sentence, if it flows well (to me). MJ wouldn’t hear of me admitting I have flaws though, and I have to admit he has a point. I’m ok as-is!

Oh and I’m adding this paragraph as I come back to it to restart. Had a several-hours-long break on this installment, the other 2 were written in one frantic sitting each. Today was hectic and more than a little painful, kinda pushed it too much too soon. Oh well!

So I guess…’nuff said! Here’s part 3!

BOOK ONE Installment 1 | Installment 2 | Installment 3 | Installment 4

BOOK ONE Installment 1Installment 2 | Installment 3 | Installment 4



Callie’s Milked by the Yeti (Again)

The fucking Yeti took Lena up, up, up where the air was thin. It was a greater distance than before. They came to a large plateau surrounded on all sides by ascending mountain faces. A lake had gathered in this level valley. Everything was white except the bluish ice. Around the edges and even farther out, actually on the lake, were strange, enormous stalagmites. They were also white from the snow, just as the ground and the surrounding mountains. Lena could not look anywhere that did not appear white. She could discern the stalagmites and trees by flecks of color where the snow was thinner, either stone or wood. It was pretty in that Christmas way that only makes you happy when you’re seeing it from inside a warm car or from beside a roaring fireplace.

It was too damn cold for Lena to care how pretty all the white was. All she could think about was the nagging worry that the Yeti, who she was pretty sure she was in love with, would fuck her and milk her and kick her ass down the mountain again. Damn Vlad anyhow for putting that thought in her mind! She knew she could make the Yeti love her. Dogs always liked her, even mean ones, so she knew the Yeti would come around. He would change for her, because this had to be true love.

Suddenly she knew how to make him love her, and why he didn’t already. True love takes a passionate kiss! She determined to make him kiss her as soon as possible.

But then she remembered all the men and women she had kissed for whom she felt no love. Had they wanted her to love them? And her other favorites, Natasha and Vlad—she had certainly shared those true-love spit-swaps with them. What if the Yeti was too much? Was she even worthy of this massive, muscled beast and his leg-sized member’s love? She wasn’t trying to have a harem. Maybe she had used up all the true love a person deserves. Maybe she could never work with anyone except Natasha or Vlad or both of them, even though marriage was a thing of the past.

She got sick of her introspection right as the Yeti hit the edge of the frozen lake, which is right about the time I got sick of writing it. [That’s the kind of shit I edit out the most. MJ says, right at the time I got sick of editing it] The Yeti took a few running steps and posed. His feet hit the ice like skates, one leg forward, the other supporting the bulk of his weight. With very little wobbling or adjusting, they skidded way too god damn quickly across the ice. They were aimed at a stagmite that was busted off halfway up, which rapidly grew as they flew right the fuck at it, covering probably a mile in under a minute. He was skating faster than 20 li () per hour, faster than sixty miles per hour, faster than 97 kilometers per hour; like I said, way too god damn quickly to rely on nothing but Yeti-pads for traction. The stalagmite had been distant so Lena thought it was small, but it was higher than the Yeti when they smacked into it. He grabbed a little handle made of ice on the top of the stalagmite that seemed to exist expressly for the intention of slowing a skate-racing Yeti. He must have fashioned this himself, Lena thought.

They whirled completely around the stalagmite and the Yeti’s body took the brunt of the blow. He lifted his other arm, the one she was in, and timed it perfectly so that when he hit the wall of the stalagmite with his chest and legs, she flew into a hollow on top of it. She rolled on the floor-like surface and hit the back wall, which was just part of the protrusion that had been left to rise higher. The inside of the open-skied, hollowed out stalagmite was a large, snow-covered room. She was cold again.

She could see the Yeti had made an igloo in one corner of the floor here. Since she was bare ass naked and now covered in snow, a little protection from the elements would go a long way. The cold was already getting to her extremities, and even her ass, which had been toasty in the crook of his elbow. She hoped she wouldn’t get frostbite on her extremities, since she had more extremities showing now than ever. She knew this setup was clever because no wind reached her. Since it was too high up to jump from, she was in a kind of little prison.

She was impressed at his cunning and his hands-on skill at making things. It was manly to do, and it implied intelligence to make one’s own tools, like the great ape he surely was. He had made a home for her out of the stalagmite. He built everything without even knowing what duct tape was. She turned to face him and looked into the black field and the dazzling, multi-hued shades-of-red backdrop around his eyes. [And only for a moment did she wonder, ‘Why was this the other way around in the last installment? Can we get a continuity edit?’ Yes, Lena. If we were taking this seriously, you betcha. I had the eyes as “antumbra”, and i’m not even sure I knew what that meant! Sometimes I write a word and then look it up later to find out if I’m right or not.]

Lena climbed achingly to her feet, still a bit shaken by how hard he had tossed her into the makeshift room. She walked toward his big face at the edge of her little prison house. She was cold. She didn’t like it, but at least he was warm. She could warm up if he let her. Even coming closer to him made her warmer, both inside and outside. His eyes had the passionate heat of a volcano that set her aflame in her bald Russian nethers, and brought her big adorable nipples to diamond-hard nubs.

His eyes widened as he saw her nipples enflame and a grin split his big white fucking yeti face. His poor-to-middling teeth shone yellow and brown under the white shag that grew right up to his yeti lips. He reached up and helped himself to her enormous bare breasts with his big white yeti fingers, squeezing and kneading as he had the last time he milked her. Lena knew that she was moments away from being milked by the yeti again.

She smiled back at him and rubbed his face with her hands, moving closer to bring her breasts to his mouth, when a huge roar sounded from far to her left. It was another yeti! His eyes bulged and he inhaled loudly, clearly stunned at the sound. He leaped back a step, completely out of her reach, almost dislodging her from her perch. When he did, she saw that Vlad’s shirt was stuck to the yeti’s hip. The yeti noticed it too, and grabbed it quickly, tossed it onto the floor of her prison, and ran off in the direction of the yell.

Lena could see that way by poking her head beyond the perimeter of the stalagmite wall. Sure enough, after peering hard for a few minutes, she made out another yeti in the distance. She heard another roar and saw her yeti pick up the pace to reach the other yeti.

The other yeti, with yeti-sized tits. A she-yeti.

She saw him approach the she-yeti with his shoulders slumped and his head down. The she-yeti barked in his face and cuffed his head, and he walked ahead of her defeated until they disappeared from Lena’s view.

Lena put the shirt on and went inside the igloo, cold and alone, waiting for her body heat to permeate the isolated air inside. She was sad and cold. Her yeti, her love, had a wife.

Where did that leave Lena? She didn’t have a clue. She was clueless. Literally clueless. Any hint as to what would happen to her would have made it better, because that would at least have been a clue. She sat there, clueless in the cold, and tried to figure out something that could pass for a clue. She didn’t even have a clue about what would pass for a clue.

The igloo felt less cold after her tail-chasing thoughts had gone on for a few hours. She slept.


Vlad and Natasha watched from inside the truck. They were parked in a little grotto of trees and shrubs not far from where they had found Lena and the yeti last time.

“I don’t like this, Natasha,” Vlad said for probably the twentieth time. “It’s been almost 2 hours.”

“Yes, you keep saying.”

“If they got here before us, they’re already in the cave!” he said.

“You passed them, you idiot, we saw him run by with Lena long before we got here, across that gulch,” she said, smiling at him and cupping his cheek.

“What if he wasn’t bringing her here?” he said.

“What, you think he has many houses? He’s a simple beast, I doubt he juggles multiple homes.”

“What if that cave wasn’t his home? He could be smarter than you give him credit for. Maybe it was just one of many milking-caves. A hunt camp.”

“Oh I’m so sick of this conversation,” she exhaled. “’Milking caves.’ Uck. What do you want to do?”

“We should check the cave to be sure, then we should back track to the gulch and find a way across. We should be able to find his tracks, he’s the size of a house.”

She threw one long, slender hand up, then opened the door. “Bring the gun,” she said.

He grabbed a bolt-action rifle from the back seat. “I don’t like guns,” he said, scowling as he slung it over his shoulder.

“I know you don’t,” she said. “And yes, I know why you don’t like guns. But you can’t seriously believe you’re under a curse.”

They met in front of the truck and walked on, Natasha slightly in the lead and to his right.

“You’ve seen it happen, Natasha.”

“Coincidence. Besides, you don’t know if it’s a curse or not. They would have to tell you.”

Her thigh-high boots and his combat boots crunched the deep snow. It was cold. There was only a little breeze.

“No, it’s a curse,” he answered firmly. “My family has a long history of prophets and mystics. My Grand-Mama knew her shit.”

“Then it’s not much of a curse on you. Shut up about it now please, darling. If they’re in there, they’ll soon be able to hear us.” Vlad and Natasha were near the edge of the cave entrance. They noticed a flickering light emanating from the cave entrance onto the snow.

“I already hear you,” said a heavily accented male voice. “I’m armed, stop where you are. Why are you here?”

“We’re looking for our friend, Lena,” Natasha said. “Who are you? Why are you here?”

“Might we come inside and talk? It’s cold out here,” Vlad said.

There was a silent moment, then the man said, “It’s ok. Come in slowly.”

They did. They saw an Asian man in a parka sitting on a trunk-like suitcase in front of a small fire. His hood was down and he had the rifle aimed at them, but resting across his knees. Coming out of the neck of the parka was a breather of some kind, made of what looked like red plastic.  It was a triangle, like a pyramid with one edge directly down the middle facing out perfectly in line with the parka zipper.

“Come, sit,” he said, motioning them in. The three of them likewise made the points of a triangle around the Asian man’s small fire.

“I am Jack Li,” the man said. “I know you two, from the camp. You are friends with the woman who was milked by the yeti.”

“He took her again today,” Natasha said, peering at Jack intensely. “Jack Li. Do I know you? You look so familiar.”

He squirmed. “No, I’m sure you don’t. You must have just seen me around camp. I was waiting for the yeti to return so I could defeat him. I left as soon as you got your friend back to camp safely. I’ve hunted three yetis before this, so I know about yetis. He was not here when I arrived earlier today. I have been here most of the day awaiting his return. If he had come back here, I would have been waiting for him. The yeti did not bring Lena here after he took her again. This must be just a milking cave.”

“I told you,” Vlad said.

“We will have to backtrack to the gorge, then,” Natasha said. “Will you come with us, Jack Li? We saw them across a gorge.”

“I will come,” he answered. “But we should rest here. We can easily catch up tomorrow, with your truck. Their stamina is remarkable, but even a yeti can’t keep up the pace like a truck. Tracking him will be easier in the light, but only because we have a new moon tonight. We will depart at first light.” He stood and produced three blankets from the trunk he was sitting on, handing them one each. He wrapped the other around himself and said, “I’ll take first watch.”

“What do you think?” Vlad said.

“What do you think?” Natasha said.

He pondered a moment, then said, “We’d be warmer if we share our blankets and body heat.”

“Very true,” Natasha said, and that was that. They were a team, at least for now. Nothing would stop them from saving Lena from the fucking yeti tomorrow.






The li (Chinese: , , or 市里, shìlǐ), also known as the Chinese mile, is a traditional Chinese unit of distance. The li has varied considerably over time but was usually about a third as long as the English mile and now has a standardized length of a half-kilometer (500 meters or 1,640 feet). This is then divided into 1 500 chi or “Chinese feet”.

The character combines the characters for “field” (, tián) and “earth” (, ), since it was considered to be about the length of a single village. As late as the 1940s, a “li” did not represent a fixed measure but could be longer or shorter depending on the effort required to cover the distance.[1]

There is also another li (Traditional: , Simplified: , ) that indicates a unit of length 1/1000 of a chi, but it is used much less commonly. This li is used in the People’s Republic of China as the equivalent of the centi- prefix in metric units, thus limi (厘米, límǐ) for centimeter. The tonal difference makes it distinguishable to speakers of Chinese, but unless specifically noted otherwise, any reference to li will always refer to the longer traditional unit and not to either the shorter unit or the kilometer. This traditional unit, in terms of historical usage and distance proportion, can be considered the East Asian counterpart to the Western league unit.



Jack Li may be the infamous two-foot-cockBarnacle Man“. Whether this is true or not has been confirmed as true but it has also been denied.

Milked By The Yeti Again, part 1 By Callie Press | #LPRTG #MrBrtg | @calliepress @mjkingoferotica

Monster Porn Image
Callie Press and Moctezuma Johnson take turns helping the Yeti Milk Lena in this Fantasy Erotica featuring the Abominable Snowman

Milked By The Yeti Again, part 1

By Callie Press

The Sequel to Moctezuma Johnson’s Milked By The Yeti serial

Introduction by MJ


I’d be remiss not to slightly plug this frigid little snowed-in chestnut by Callie Press. First, why the fuck are we writing this one wank wonder trash? Well, it’s kind of an inside joke about how we are wasting our precious time worrying about plots that few people care about and Milked by the Yeti was our code for that type of plotless story. Milked by the Yeti the concept took on a life of its own when I we kept saying we should write it, she should write, we really should write this. So on Thursday, I think, I outlined it and wrote the first part. Each day I added a part until I had four parts, a beginning middle and end, and the first “book” (it’s only on this site) in the Milked by the Yeti Series. Callie said, you should write Milked by the Yeti Again. Why don’t you write it? Voila. Most of my writer friends would say they were going to do it and then hem and haw, complain, wax poetic about a thousand other things like a literary Larry David, complain some more, but not Queen Callie. A few hours later and presto. Excelsior! She has a knack for pounding (words). So let me step aside and give the mic to Ms. Callie Press who I cannot thank enough for inspiring me to throw the kitchen sink at the page and who I think is on the brink of a special kind of stardom. I’ve had the absolute pleasure of taking a peek at some of her upcoming writing and she’s about to rip your panties off and stuff down your throats (in a good way, natch!).

Please clap your hands for Callie Press…

My process is different, but surely equally abnormal, if not outright broken-headed crazy…I just make them real in my mind and watch them, then explain what I saw as well as I’m able (and yes, I do it in Word, even though I am teased by some people about using stone-age technology).
So once I go back and re-read the original for the third time, I’ll watch them for a while in my still-hydrocodoned-to-oblivion state and then, with no break you can see but which amounts to a huge pause in this document to me, I’ll bang out the first draft of the first installment and slap it onto the blog right here, unedited, uncorrected, rough draft serial. Like Mark Twain, only smuttier, and with those Hemingway sentences that leave no room for misunderstanding. Yeah this sentence was edited away, sorry. Anyhow. So that’s what you’ll be reading as soon as you get past this line!



Milked By The Yeti Again, part 1

by Callie Press

The man wore a bright red turban with an enormous white and yellow feather in it. It matched his clothes and outrageous mustachios. He was straddling Lena, who was on her back on a cot. Her forearms were trapped at her sides by his thighs. His brown hands were clenched around her throat and he was shaking her. His hands were brown because he was an Indian man named Vivek. He was shaking her so hard so that her head seemed ready to snap at the neck. He was also yelling.

“Where is my Radika!” he kept yelling. He shook Lena so hard her big tits threatened to erupt from the button-up shirt she had been sleeping in.

“Help! Natasha! Vlad!” she cried.

“Where is my Radika! I know you saw her!” he yelled right in her face. Shake, and again.

Natasha rushed in, followed immediately by Vlad. They both hurried over to the smaller man and pulled him off of Lena as deftly as a horny nerd virgin trying to unhook his first bra—that is, poorly and awkwardly with no apparent success.

“Where is my Radika!” he yelled again, right in Natasha’s ear.

She rolled her eyes and open-hand slapped the man right in the mouth. “You shut up with that, Vivek,” Natasha told him. They finally got him completely off of Lena. Natasha gave Vlad a look and Vlad nodded, implying he had a good hold on Vivek. “Why do you think Lena would know where Radika ran off to?” Natasha asked.

“My Radika did not run off! Radika was looking for her!” he yelled and nodded at Lena.

“Vivek, stop yelling!” Natasha yelled.

“I’m sorry for yelling!” Vivek shouted. “She is my world! My darling! I must know why she is gone so long!”

Lena shook her head and rubbed her neck. “I don’t know anyone named Radika,” she lied truthfully. “Get away from me. Get out of my tent!” She looked at Vlad. “Can’t you do something with him? Arrest him? Beat him up at least?”

“It’s their camp,” Vlad told her. “They fleece tourists from this camp who come for the mountain. Maybe we should just forget this happened, eh Vivek?”

Just then, her tent lifted up and flew off into the distance, disappearing behind other tents just like Lena’s. A massive roar erupted from the mouth of the giant, shaggy brute that was hovering over them all. This beast the color of the snow blotted out the sun and cast all four of them into a shadow. He was a mountain of terrycloth virility made of Osmond teeth. His dreamy, freaky eyes cast over them and landed on Lena, who met his stare with a glazed, open-mouthed expression that made her beautiful face look pretty stupid.

“Is that the fucking Yeti?” Natasha asked, her long blonde locks flying sensuously.

Lena nodded.

“Let’s run!” Natasha said as she grabbed Lena’s arm and tried to get her on her feet.

“My god,” Vlad said as he wrestled awkwardly with Vivek, “He must have left to find you as soon as he woke up from his… post-coital nap!” Both of them just wanted to get unentangled. They fumbled over each other until Vlad gave Vivek a powerful shove toward the Yeti. Vlad got to his feet and Vivek stumbled right at the lumbering tower of white fur.

The Yeti stepped forward and struck Vivek with his leg-sized, steel-hard erection. It hit Vivek in the side of his head like a mule kick, and sent him ass over applecart into the next tent. That tent collapsed in a heap with people struggling under it, and it instantly caught fire from the overturned oil lamp.

Then the Yeti grabbed Lena’s shapely ankles in one massive hand and pulled her away from Vlad and Natasha as easily as a bucktoothed mama’s boy pulls the wings off flies.

“Lena!” cried Vlad as Lena receded from their grasp. “Fight him! It’s as if he thinks he can discard you, and take you back whenever he wants!” People were screaming now in the tent, and trying to find the staked-down bottom edges so they could escape the clinging flames. Vivek was unconscious atop it.

The Yeti slung Lena over his shoulder and turned away. He ran off toward the woods at the foot of the mountain, but as they watched, he disappeared. His fur and hide had the power of illusion in the Himalayan snow as well as any gnome or chameleon or Las Vegas magician or trickster god of the Native Americans, Crow.

Natasha sighed and looked at Vlad resignedly. “I guess you should go get the truck again. And maybe find a gun this time.”

“You know why I don’t like guns! No,” Vlad said firmly.

Natasha turned away from him, staring in the direction the Abominable beast had disappeared to with her Lena. “Just get a gun.”

Vlad left to get the truck and a gun.


Milked by the Yeti | I’m writing this online day by day | #EARTG #SSRTG #MrBrtg | Witness it in installments, like TV — PART IV —

Milked by the Yeti

by Moctezuma Johnson

Yes, I’ll write this piece online so you can see the slow, stupid process I am stuck with thanks to brain damage, deafness, and incessant masturbation


fun fact: this installment contains a little bit of what i call “twerking the yeti”



Installment 1 :: Installment 2 :: Installment 3 :: Installment 4


This girl in the sari grabbed Lena by the throat and started to choke her. Yesterday a Tahr tried to rape her, today an Indian ghost was trying to murder her. The tighter the grip on Lena’s throat the more Lena realized for certain that this wasn’t a goat or a ghost. Lena was fully awake, surging with adrenaline, and realized the girl was going to kill her out of fear. Lena couldn’t die like this. She needed to talk, to tell her that she wasn’t some Queen of the Yetis but a victim. Lena tried to speak but the woman had her overpowered until a furry white arm struck the woman and knocked her back. The woman started yelling in a language that Lena couldn’t understand. The Yeti growled and jumped up. Lena fell back as the hairy beast lurched forward and grabbed the Indian woman. Lena braced herself for a gnarly site. Yesterday, the Yeti slashed that goat when he tried to rape Lena. He’d surely rip this woman limb to limb since she was going to murder Lena. Murder was far worse than rape.

The Yeti pinned the woman’s arms up.She dropped the knife. Lena grimaced, waiting for blood to start flying again.

The Yeti stopped. He stared at this woman, she was trembling with fear and trying her best to turn away. The Yeti rubbed his head against the hips of this exotic woman. He wasn’t angry. He was horny. It was just like a man to wake up horny. This voluptuous subcontinent vixen let him rub her body. She was from a place where women were set on fire for burning dinner. She knew how to assuage a male ego. She did a sort of booty shake for the yeti, it was more of a fluid belly dance move than a twerk, and he fell right into it. His face moved with the wave of her booty dance.

The Yeti watched a little and then yanked the woman’s sari off. He spun her around and pushed her back. Her big ass was out. The Yeti began eating her ass out.

Lena was horrified.

She could see that his furry tongue was all over her big asshole. He licked up and down the crack, licked the pussy lips, and then really worked on the asshole until this Hindi music-video star was writhing in bliss and moaning in the high pitch bitch of a male-female Bollywood duet.

Lena’s eyes bulged over her head. She felt a deep sickness in her stomach. She wanted to barf. She bent over and coughed and wretched. She didn’t throw up, but she was really close.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Lena stood up. She couldn’t cover herself up although she wanted to. She walked right up to the Yeti and his new Indian sex-toy and started reprimanding him. “You can’t just fuck me and then play with this little bitch.” He kept eating between the two brown orbs of ass cheek. “You hear me?”

The Yeti growled and flicked Lena away with a simple flick of his hairy wrist. She flew back and onto her naked ass. It was cold.

She started to stand back up but the yeti turned to her and growled fiercely and she froze and decided not to move.

Once again she was just the big-tit plaything. The warm up for something else. This time she had to watch as the Yeti held her in front of him and fucked her from behind while she sat down on him. The woman stared at Lena with a wry smile as the yeti fucked her pussy. She stared like she new she was the main attraction. 1293679_af930a0_770x2000

Lena sat absolutely still, trying to hold in the tears and the convulsions that crying wanted to send through her body. The Yeti moaned load and deep, it was the moan of orgasm and shot his seed into this woman.

He leaned forward and this woman smashed her head on the hard icy ground. Blood trickled from her forehead. Lena stared at the poor woman in horror. Her eyes went frozen. She was gone. “You killed her, you stupid Yeti!” She cradled her own arms and cried. She was jealous, she was scared, she was mad. “What did you kill her for? You already fucked her? If you were going to kill her you were supposed to kill her before you fucked her, you asshole? Now you’ve broken our bond and murdered. That’s very bad.”

Lena was hysterical. She wasn’t making much sense to herself. She felt like she might explode. The Yeti came forward and stood in front of her. His massive white cock dangled in front of her. For a moment, Lena thought he would choke her to death with it, then she realized that he wanted to play with her tits. The feeling of his furry paws was amazing. It was smooth as silk and cozy as cashmere. The pleasure went from pure bliss to a kind of uncomfortable feeling as it escalated from gentle rubbing to nipple-squeezing and pulling. “Ouch,” Lena said. “Are you going to murder me, too?” she asked the Yeti flirtatiously.

He pulled at her like a farmer would pull at a cow’s teats and Lena realized that he wasn’t pleasuring her. He was priming her. In a moment, he rolled his fingers against the nipples in such a way that milk poured out of them. He sucked the milk right from the nipples. He sucked. He drank. He gulped. He milked some more. He drank some more. He did this until her nipples were sore as an ass after first-anal.

The Yeti was satisfied with a belly full of milk.

Lena was exhausted and wanted to sleep again. She had just been choked by a woman. Then she had been cheated on and milked by the Yeti. She leaned against his strong torso. The antumbra of his eyes seemed redder than before.

The Yeti put his arms around her. She was happy again. Maybe she was lost in a snowy mountain in Nepal. Maybe humanity had failed her, but at least she had somebody. Well, something. The Yeti held her in his arms. She may mean nothing to the human race but she was the main act in the play named Yeti. He picked her up in the air. She was like a doll to him. She was his toy. He lifted her out of the cave.

Were they going for a walk? Was he about to introduce her to his friends? his parents? 

Her heart raced as she thumped over his strong shoulder. He carried her to the edge of the stand of trees outside the mouth of the cave. He threw her to the ground. Snow kicked up and she made a butt-angel in the thick white powder. She giggled.

The Yeti kicked her so hard that it nearly shattered her ribs and sent her rolling down the steep side of the mountain. As she rolled and slid down the steep slope she saw him disappear back into the cave, then saw the trees get smaller as she rolled away, until finally she couldn’t find the trees anymore in her teary eyes and couldn’t be sure there even were trees, a cave, a dead Bollywood actress, and a Yeti. All she could be sure of was that she was buck naked and milk-icicles had formed off of her nipples. She was nobody’s main act.

She would freeze to death. She had had enough. She broke off one of the milk-icicles from her tits and ate one. It tasted horrible.

Lena closed her eyes to die. She heard the raging wind close around her. It would all be over soon.

“Come on. Let’s go.” Lena heard a thick Russian accent speaking in English. It was a familiar voice, a voice that sent Lena’s heart fluttering with Joy.

“Natasha!” she tried to scream but she was barely mumbling since she was on the verge of death.

“It’s too cold out here to be naked, you whore!” Natasha said covering Lena in a thick blanket and planting a long, loud kiss on her frozen cheek.

Lena opened her eyes and saw her best friend in front of her. A truck rumbled meekly a few meters away. Vlad was in the driver’s seat. He beeped the horn. “Let’s go, gorgeous!” he yelled at both of them, “Before any abominable snowmen come.”


Moctezuma Johnson writes fucked up stories about fucked up characters with various sexual fetishes, hang-ups, obsessions, and addictions. Read more about him at moctezumajohnson.com

If you enjoyed this, please leave a comment or email him and let him know at moctezuma.johnson(at)gmail.com



OUTLINE used for this installment:

  1. The Yeti then captures a Pakistani chick named Radika who has a massive booty
    1. The YEti sleeps with his arms around Radika
    2. Lena is incredibly jealous
    3. He impregnates Radika
    4. He gets sick of Radika and kills her (whether intentional or not can be neither confirmed not denied)
  2. He milks Lena and she is happy that he has come back to her
    1. She wants to be the main act in somebody’s show
    2. He drinks Lena’s titty-milk and we have a happy ending
      1. Until he tosses her back into the wild, cold, exposed, scared, and now milked by the YETI.
      2. Lena gets a final surprise shock

Milked by the Yeti | I’m writing this online day by day | #EARTG #SSRTG #MrBrtg | Witness it in installments, like TV — PART III —

Monster Porn Image
Callie Press and Moctezuma Johnson take turns helping the Yeti Milk Lena in this Fantasy Erotica featuring the Abominable Snowman

Milked by the Yeti

by Moctezuma Johnson

Yes, I’ll write this piece online so you can see the slow, stupid process I am stuck with thanks to brain damage, deafness, and incessant masturbation
    • Beats: Cut away from the Yeti cave and radika standing there with a knife ready to murder Lena and move to the backstory of Natasha with the ex and how she feels. When she hears about the bus coming back from the mountain because of horrible weather with Lena not onboard she decides to do something



Installment 1 :: Installment 2 :: Installment 3


These two hot-ass Russian chicks, I mean they were just teens at the time, landed in Bangkok. They were plucked from their little town. The twin hotties, that was their nickname. They were always together back home. In Bangkok they were together again: dancing and making money at high-end strip clubs that catered to international business executives. They both enjoyed their share of managers, team leaders, financial officers, and executive officers. They twinned a good slice of politicians, both Asian and Western as well. They learned that Asians held Russian prostitutes as the Holy Grail of Prostitutes. Fucking a Russian was a feather in the cap, a badge of honor, a move up in social rank. These fat cat Asian dudes would sit on the floor with their little bottle of cheap liquor, eat fried pork, take shots, and brag about the Russians they’d paid to fuck. They learned that their sweet little Russian twats were the bulls-eye on a male target of accomplishment. Their tits and asses were instrumental to camaraderie. Business deals would cease to exist without Natasha and Lena. They were intricate parts of world politics. Natasha and Lena were possibly the most prized Russians in Bangkok.

They made so much money they were economically and geographically mobile. They moved to the US to repeat the Bangkok trick. This time the money was considerably more but the conditions were considerably more deplorable.

The US had different social rules and a Russian whore was no longer a feather in anyone’s cap. Maybe it was privately but it wasn’t something bragged about in boardrooms.

Natasha and Lena were absolutely best friends still, so together they endured the racism, classism, and all other slights. Together. They were inseparable. They drank together, worked together, fucked together, and dated together. Then they both got domestic together. They each found husbands and Lena was quite happy with hers. For some reason Natasha, even after all the whoring, just wanted to fuck around. She didn’t last long with her husband. She thought that she could just play around on him behind his back yet stay happily married. Guys gossip as much as any sewing circle, the little cunts, and word about Natasha traveled and embarrassed her husband to the point that he left her.

Natasha got severely lonely. She got drunk a lot. She fucked a lot.

Lena’s husband, Vlad, took notice of her. He found that her man’s libido in her sexy woman’s body was unbelievably fucking hot. Like Natasha’s ex-husband, Vlad was attracted to the tall blonde with the model’s body, but unlike the ex-husband he was also attracted to the must-consume all pleasure attitude. Lena’s husband was legitimately a good match for Natasha mentally. This was the problem. This was how Natasha and Vlad ended up getting together and ruining a pretty solid marriage and a friendship that was more intimate than sisterhood. 

“I’m sorry baby,” Lena’s husband said to her. “I really understand Natasha. I want to be with her.”

“If it’s just the sex, you can fuck her all you want,” Lena said. “I don’t mind. I get it.”

“The sex is amazing, yes, but it’s more than that. It’s her character, her soul. Natasha’s just so unabashedly what she is. I respect that. I love you, Lena. I do. I always will. I will miss you. But this just has to end. I still want the best for you. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“I understand,” Lena said. She didn’t cry at the time. It was weird because as heartbreaking and ego-shattering as it was to lose a husband and a marriage, it was also somehow vindicating to know that her husband loved Natasha as much as Lena did. It was a little incestuous triangle affair. Lena understood it. A threesome had always been fine with her. It was the soulmate shit that surprised her. She couldn’t fight it. She could just accept it.

She would always be the “big tit plaything.” She was the fun opening act and Natasha was the main draw. Lena was a whore because she needed the money when she sold her body for sex. Natasha was a different breed. She needed the sex, the attempt to sate a constant insatiable pleasure, and the money was no more than a way to gauge how much sex she was getting and if it was even close to enough. Lena fucking respected Natasha too. And she hated her. Natasha had slutted herself so completely out that it left Lena as the bigger whore.


In the Yeti’s cave, Lena dreamed of Natasha. She saw her best-friend’s golden hair down her back, her perfect ass with its unimaginable smooth skin, and her shaved slit. She saw Natasha bent over sucking her husband’s cock while Lena licked her best friend’s golden pussy. It was a beautiful dream. Everyone was happy. Everyone was permeated by love and lust.

When she opened her eyes, it was dark and bitterly cold. She was still naked in the grasp of the Yeti. She felt something watching her and blinked until she noticed that a woman was standing in front of her. She blinked again trying to shake the image, but it was real and only a few feet in front of her. The apparition was dressed in a sari, and had a gold chain between nose ring and earring. She was thick as a pear, with hips and ass exploding out of a very skinny torso. She was the color of milk chocolate. She held a knife and was trembling. Lena realized that again she was in deep trouble. She could smell this woman’s curry breath. It was hot on her frigid face. The woman, she noticed, was about to murder them. Lena screamed on top of her lungs.

What happened was worse than she could have even imagined.


Back home, Natasha heard news of Lena from one of Vlad’s friends, the one who organized the mountain trek with big-titted whore. Natasha heard that Lena was brought to have fun with these business executives as they got riled up on adrenaline, drugs, alcohol, and Lena’s eggplant tits. She also heard that Lena wasn’t on the bus back down the mountain. She heard that this winter was the worst one in years. She heard that her old friend was up there all alone with no thermals. What the fuck? They left her with nothing but a thong? bus-himalayas-milked-by-the-yeti-erotica

Natasha shook violently for a second. Then she steadied herself carefully. Natasha may have stolen her best friend’s man and taken her place as his cocksucker, anal pig, and wife, but she was still best able to empathize with Lena than anyone. Natasha and Lena’s roles were different at the very moment, but that was a small little fart in the bowels of the universe. How easily their fates could have been switched.

Natasha looked at her new husband, “Give me your credit card.” He stared at her blankly until she yelled, “Now!”



Photos and Milked by the Yeti Outline

Title of the Photos

“The Confessions of a Whore Series”

Tastefully Airbrushed Cunt by Callie Press

“Tits out over a rib cage”

“A nice rim job” – this shows that when it comes to sex, and formula one racing, position is everything.

“Red Light Blue Light”



Milked by the Yeti

Yes, I’ll write this piece online so you can see the slow, stupid process I am stuck with thanks to brain damage, deafness, and incessant masturbation


  1. a girl with pale milky skin and massive knockers is in a fur jacket and stockings and heels wandering the pine forests
    1. where is she? Oregon? the Himalayas? The Alps? Mount Titicaca? Oh, and why is she there?
  2. she’s exposed and scared, and cold
  3. she crawls into a cave warmth and meets the Yeti
    1. he’s massive
    2. scary
    3. and utterly irrestible:
      1. those eyes!
      2. that fur!
    4. He protects her from an intruder
      1. he sleeps with his arms around her
  4. the Yeti impregnates her. her name is Lena, not like you care
    1. The Yeti gets bored and sick of Lena once he’s impregnated her, think how a horse runs off once he jizzes in a blonde
  5. The Yeti then captures a Pakistani chick  named Radika who has massive tits
    1. The YEti sleeps with his arms around Radika
    2. Lena is incredibly jealous
    3. He impregnates Radika
    4. He gets sick of Radika
  6. He milks Lena and she thinks he has come back to her.
    1. He drinks the milk and sends her back into the wild, cold, exposed, scared, and now milked by the YETI.