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“Often culture is in food and language. In the absence of a culture America clings to guns and Christianity” –Moctezuma Johnson

Blog: America’s obsession with guns

Does erotica reveal a deeper white Christian dominated values system insidiously eating away at our morals? Yes. Fuck yeah it does.

Admittedly I’m a weird minority cunt. I agree. I like writing FUTA short stories and trending political satire. I vibe off science fiction loosely based on Watson and Crick’s theories of panspermia (check out LIFE ITSELF). I like semi-autobiographical tales of juicy Asian women coerced into submission and humiliation. megaphoneMy fans are few but deeply loyal. Most people shun me, get offended when talking to me, or simply block me because my attitude is different from theirs. But forgive me, I was raised by immigrant parents of two different minority groups and wasn’t raised in the Judeo Christian background dominant in America. Thanks to my gypsy spirit (and roots), I traveled and settled abroad for over a decade. I ran a bar in Asia, in a city that makes NYC look small. I’ve seen things post people only dream of, things many Americans are scared of, and my view of the world has been inalienably altered.

One major American problem is fear

The fear emanated from the US. between a military with a ridiculous excess of deadly force (from drones to nukes) to a populace so scared if each other that they think they must carry guns for protection. (See “gun murders per 100,000 residents” image). Well unfortunately that protection statistically leads to a lot of dead people, and worse still is it leads to fewer safe white people and more dead browngun-murders-per-100000-deaths people. That’s just fucked up. I’ve never understood how a gun protects. I’ve never felt more in danger than in the USA. I’ve lived for years in a country with no guns and it’s a pleasure to know you won’t be shot in the face for getting to a parking space just ahead of some road raging asshole or for bumping a guy accidentally.

My question is why is there so much gun violence in America? Well, first off it’s in the white man’s history. Native Americans weren’t carrying shotguns. The Wild West was brought to the land. It was brought to Australia in a similar fashion but the Aussie government said, “Enough!” And the people said, yeah, fair enough (See Jim Jefferies video below). America can too but we are stubborn shitheads totally brainwashed by Fox News, Hollywood gun-wielding heroes, and Wild West history. We think we are keeping our government honest with a few shotguns. They have bunker busters and drones. “You’re bringing a gun to a drone fight!” You lose. Minorities feel unsafe so we ‘carry as protection’, a nice way to give white people a legal excuse to blow us away. I’ve had a gun on me a few times now, once thanks to the cops and once thanks to a gang member. Both times I shit myself and believe that had I been carrying, my olivey-brown Mexican ass would be dead. Guns lead to escalation. Having a gun while having a gang attack me would have most likely led to serious shit. With no gun, already on my ass staring up at a gun and a black gangbanger (no, not the good kind), all I could do was search for my voice, say I’m sorry, and hope he didn’t blow me away. He didn’t. He’d made his point. I was lucky.

So why the obsession with guns? The short answer for me is Latinos see it as protection from a dangerous and unjust situation in America. It’s a lazy form of protection rather than having to think, be accountable for yourself, and to educate yourself. White people are the same, but usually kill blacks and Latinos (stats).

In the absence of culture, Americans gravitate towards guns as something uniquely American. I’ve seen Americans abroad defending their rights to guns to Brits and Aussies. They sound bat shit crazy to me (I mean unfriend the fuckers crazy). The numbers show the gun is more likely to lead to a suicide than to protect your family. If you’re carrying then it’s only logical that you are endangering those you love, not protecting them. I’ve been robbed, beaten, threatened and the only times I’ve considered carrying was when scared. Fear is the worst reason to make any decision I refuse to be bullied into doing anything. Fuck your fear, America. Fuck your infomercials showing breakins, fuck your non-stop FOX news loop of unverified stories of foreigners trying to kill Americans. I’ve traveled the world. It’s safer out there then in this motherfucker. South Korean (oh, isn’t the guy to the North crazy) is way safer than America. There are no fucking guns! That’s why.

America is the danger. Other countries have food and language as culture. We have guns. I don’t accept that. We should be creating art, music, and things of beauty. When people abroad think America they think military. They think guns. They think stupidity. This is usually where American’s get fucking pissed off at me. Don’t shoot the messenger. I’m just telling it how I’ve seen it, how I’ve heard it. I wish America was known for jazz and trancendentalism but I don’t get to decide. Go out there and talk to people. Talk to a non-Christian inside the US or anyone outside it.

The country is broken and it’s not just the government. It’s the culture too. White Anglo Saxon Christian values are dominant but in reality apply to a very small part of the USA.

It would be easy to change the second amendment and increase security for every America if we have a smart, strong leader with balls. A lot of people are anti-gun. There’s a massive need for the majority to remove its big ignorant head from its own anus and start making the world safe again. Fear of violence is an insidious thing. If you’re carrying, you’re someone else’s fear.

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