Week 2 – ‘Snap, Crackle, Art’ by MJ #LPRTG #NuRomantics #PopArt

Welcome to this Tuesday’s ‘Snap, Crackle, Art by MJ’. This week’s topic: LIPS
What do lips mean? What do they represent? Why does R.B. O’Brien and many other #romance authors use lips for their avatars? Who has the prettiest lips among your book boy- or girl-friends? If you had to lose one lip for a year, would you choose the upper or lower lip? Do you favor biting the lips during kissing? If so, which lips? If you shun lip-biting, why? (Discuss)

So I was going to post about Andy Warhol. I mean, what’s a discussion about Pop Art without mentioning the factory and its King? However, what’s the rush? Two weeks down and not a drop of Warhol. We will get to him later. Most of us are writing romance/erotica/futadelic so I thought it’s apropos to tie this week’s post into something more sensual, but it’s hard to find pop art anus so I went with lips and Andy can wait and our lips can smack and smooch all day long. Yum!

So you’ll see in the images a furniture set by Dali and some Pop Art succulent lip licking. Mmmmnn-mmmmnnn-yum! Click Like/Love/Pride/Haha if you vibe with any piece of art, please.

MJ, what’s wrong with you? Everyone knows Dali isn’t Pop Art, you ding-dong!

Now, Salvador Dali was not from the Pop Art school, he was associated with Surrealism, Expressionism, Dada, Post-Impressionism, and usually pretty uniquely his own thing, but he did become an absolute superstar so I think his ‘Mae West’s Lips Sofa’ set are worth having a look at whether Pop Art or not (I mean, this post is more for pleasure than accuracy, just like a good money shot. I mean who really wants to hit the mouth even though we pretend to aim there?). Also, there’s a tie-in (Stay Tuned). Clearly, Mae West has some pretty great lips. Who do you think has an awesome pair? I really want to know whose lips you admire so post images below if you can dig them up–men, women, or transgender. I have a few photos that I will post in the comments, too. And if you want to see a whole slew of sexy pop art lips, join me on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/MJKingOfErotica/lips/

The Tie-In:
Okay, so what tasty connection does Dali have to Pop Art that ties lips to Dali and makes this post have a slight albeit highly-frayed thread of logic? Well you’re going to have to answer that one for yourself, superstar! In case you don’t already know the answer here’s a question to help guide you:

🍭Question 🍭
What iconic pop art candy wrapper did Dali design?

➡️Want to learn more about Pop Art? Great. I love archiving everything. I feel it’s a good writer’s duty to do so. Visit my ‘Pop Art’ blog page to get way more information: http://www.moctezumajohnson.com/snap-crackle-art-by-mj/

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Week One of “Snap, Crackle, Art” by MJ at Nu Romantics



Ok, so welcome to my first post here on the Nu Romantics. First off I think ‘nu’ is spelled ‘new’ but who knows anymore, so I’ll just float with the current as our civilization crashes and burns. Why am I here? I’m supposed to give you a few pieces of pop art with a question. You know, generate a discussion and all that. I guess I’m to be a facilitator but that’s not a role I’m comfortable with. I more of a shitstirrer or counter-culture kunt conqueror. That said, I will curate a few pieces every week and attach a song to go with each post, a theme song, if you will. So…here goes. Grab my hand and let’s begin:

Questions to go with the art:
1. Pop art shows a lot of characters in desperate situations, calling out for help. Do you consider yourself an attention whore? If so, why? If not, why not?
2.You’ll see the pop arty chick here is a bit undecided about which superhero she’s more into. Is it superman, for whom she’s gotten the beloved tramp stamp, or is it batman for whom she dons the bat symbol right over her tushy, or is it the beauty on the calling card? Anyway, forget this convoluted culona character. What’s your take? Who is your favorite superhero? and why?
3. Wait, MJ, you said you’re doing something with pop art and you haven’t posted anything by Andy Warhol? Are you sane? This is a good question, imaginary person talking to me. Maybe next week Warhol and some other standards will work their way in. Consider this week a bit of a teaser, okay? I mean we have our whole lives to get to the bottom of this topic.

Here is a song that should be the theme song for this segment. For many of us, this song was our introduction to pop art:
“One two three four five…” https://youtu.be/VOaZbaPzdsk

I am not sure if people know a lot about what is pop art and I include myself with the ‘ignorancia,’ so I wrote a short post to help you get the gist. Learn more about Pop Art at my pop art blog post:http://www.moctezumajohnson.com/…/snap-crackle-spunk-pop-a…/