Serious Post About Our Mortality As A Species

doomsdayclockineroticsciencefictionMake sure you understand what the doomsday clock is and what it means for your family and you. I wrote TriStain 2 as minutes from the hour to provide drama for the story. Now in real life, it’s two and a half minutes from the hour. I falsely believed that we as a species were civilized enough to move away from the hour, away from nuclear holocaust and environmental cataclysmic. I was wrong. We are a dumb, dumb species with dumb, dumb, dumb leaders.

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Excerpt from Triangulum Stain 2 by MOJO | #MOJO #EARTG #LPRTG #SFRTG

The Excerpt is a Clipping from the beginning of the book. It kind of sets the stage for what the book is going to be. TriStain 1 had lots of print outs from an old diode computer set up in the bowels of the Secret Government Facility known as Cunter Labs. This one has a few clippings and whatnot. I mean it has to cover billions of years. Let me include a clipping to make it happen. It’s the story of creation and extinction told from the sexual perspective. Enough blab, to the story…

Clipping from the UFO Chronicler (THE UFOCHRO – /yoo-ef-o-krow/)

by Dean Dibblewitz (more about him later)

On the Alien Planet, circa 3,717,879,873 light years before (give our take a few million years)


The planet was like the surface of the moon, all craggly and nooks and crannies. They say the moon was once filled with a yogurt and Planet M69 in the Pinwheel Formation was definitely one of those types with some kind of viscous white and clear cream running through the tunnels, formations, and falls. Imagine a cum river, a cum waterfall, a cum lake. That’s what you have. There were no humans on M69, aka Alien Relish, all the life forms were in this liquid, oozing from craters, hissing down cumfalls, cascading down ravines. It was a bizarre site and one that Doc Rock and company had been studying. It was, of course, free of humans but certainly not free of life. It was life. It was life incarnate. The spring.


why – sentient dildo panspermia. Their whole mantra is to procreate. To do so they instill the pleasure principle


The cummy planet was a DNA garden. It was the source from which life spurted. Scientists and Philosophers on Earth complained that English had no good work for this concept, the idea of going from nothing to something. Creation. Spring. Spew. Spurt. Jizz. Splooge. Start. Call it what you may it was the essential element in the universe, the moment when nothing becomes something. Some think the world is death filled by life. Some think the world is life interrupted by death. Either which way, there were two states: alive and dead. The movement between them emerged from this Alien Relish. The relish was programmed to procreate. It flew through the universe, what the scientists call panspermia. The whole mantra is to procreate. It hopped rides on comets, stuck to rings of planets, kissed little particles of ice, got sucked into black holes, and in this case jumped inside the cockpit of the Martian Mindwalker, the latest capsule sent from Earth to discover if there was life on Mars. Somehow the Martian Mindwalker wandered way off course into the Pinwheel Formation and the spores of M69, the Alien Relish itself, had hijacked a ride to Earth. Nobody knew knew.



The U Fo Krow was a little independent paper. They tracked Alien Life on Earth and abroad. They stumbled on quite a few facts and Dean Dibblewitz was their lead investigative journalist.

Character Bio:

Dean DibblewitzAka DD – Alien. Photographic memory specialized in human history, immortal. If he doesn’t dibble himself, he forgets his entire memory. The moment he gets fucked and ejaculates the whole of human history rushes back to him. This can be very useful. This can also lead to a quick fuck necessary at the most inopportune moments.



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Dancing Dicks are Here Again
Moctezuma Johnson, his filthy mouth, dancing dick, and rock hard abs will dazzle you on the page.

Triangulum Stain by Moctezuma Johnson is a wild ride featuring the gorgeous Fuck Force Five.

Get to know each of the five latex-wearing, ass-kicking, world-saving Women in Black agents tasked with keeping Earth safe from intergalactic threats.

Meet the girls:

Fuck-Force-Five.Literary.Porn_.Erotica-Ava.BBW-TriangulumStain Fuck-Force-Five.Literary.Porn_.Erotica-Grace-MiHee-TriangulumStain Fuck-Force-Five.Literary.Porn_.Erotica-Joanna-Latina-TriangulumStain Fuck-Force-Five.Literary.Porn_.Erotica-Shayna-TriangulumStain Fuck-Force-Five.Literary.Porn_.Erotica-TABITHA-TriangulumStain
There are some other fuck force fives according to the internet (but I only count three bitches. Maybe they mean 4 tits and 1 ass facing the camera):


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